Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sell ??iPhone 5S and iPad Air unprecedented '- Techzine

iPhone 5S and iPad Air seem to outdo their predecessors. terms of sales clearly Apple succeeds this time also good to meet. Demand for the devices Reported that Fiksu, a company that tracks the use of iOS devices that uses apps that have been created. With its SDK class=”bbc_center”>
iPhone iPhone 5S and 5C the 69 days after the launch of the iPhone 5S (review) is Apple’s new flagship accounted for 8.12 percent market share among iPhones used. When the iPhone 5 that rate was 6.49 percent. Following the same timeframe The iPhone 5C (review) does it with just 3 percent incidentally a lot less. The new iPhones are so collectively account for 11.12 percent of the total number of iPhones.

per day to 500,000 units of the iPhone 5S produced by assembler Foxconn, reports The Wall Street Journal. That is the highest daily production ever, of any smartphone whatsoever. Apple has with the iPhone 5S relatively few production problems and the increased availability certainly contributes to the faster adoption.

Air iPad and iPad mini 2 the iPad Air (review) is now 27 days available and surpasses its predecessor with ease. The tablet is now responsible for a share of 2.62 percent, the iPad 4 are 0.82 percent was after that period of time.

The iPad mini 2 (review) is only 16 days available and does about as good as its predecessor, with market shares of 0.49 and 0.39 percent respectively.

Interactive graphs of sales can be seen on the website of Fiksu.

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