Friday, November 29, 2013

Laptop and tablet are gaining ground - NOS

The tablet is the fourth conquered »

The tablet has won the fourth place AFP

95 percent of Dutch households in 2013, a fixed or mobile Internet, and 45 percent is now a tablet is present. In seven out of ten households is a smartphone to access the internet. According to figures from Statistics Netherlands.

Fixed PC, desktop, losing ground and the tablet, laptop and smartphone advancing. Five years ago, 83 percent a desktop, now it is 69 percent. For the laptop the picture is different. In 78 percent of the houses is a laptop, compared to 62 percent five years ago.

The tablet has won the fourth place in terms of Internet equipment, after the laptop, the PC and the phone. In households with children is most often a tablet (62 percent), in one-person households 45 years older are least likely (23 percent).

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