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Microsoft wants to know how to hold a tablet - Apparata

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Microsoft wants to know how holding a tablet
” Brilliant! “is actually the first thing we thought when this patent application by Microsoft emerged. A digital keyboard on a tablet that moves to the place of your hands, rather than the other.

patent application named “Grip-Based Device Adaptations” shows a tablet with a range of skin sensors in the bezel (fancy word for edge) of a tablet. This would be able to identify where a user places his hands around the tablet, which enables a software keyboard can be shared, and is placed in the neighborhood. Of your fingers in two Other input elements can be adapted to the place where you hold the tablet.


It is not yet known if or when Microsoft its tablets, probably the Surface series, will equip you with the technology.

Photo: for example a keyboard split up and your hand-literally-to be put
 Microsoft wants to know how to hold a tablet

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