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Apple against Samsung: iPad Mini is not copied from you - Macworld

Nov 16. 2013

ipad mini

Nov 16. 2013

News Samsung, Apple in court accused of copying amount with the iPad Mini. Apple denies that small tablet is a reaction to products from rivals.

Samsung has the iPad Mini cited as evidence that Apple also copies successful product ideas from competitors. A lawyer from Samsung showed Friday during the new treatment of the patent case with Apple emails between Apple executives about the development of a smaller tablet. Apple’s marketing Schiller in front of the jury denied the accusation. According to him, the decision to develop the iPad “is not about competition,” Mini went writes the Wall Street Journal.

Schiller spoke Friday for the jury about the damage that Samsung’s alleged copying of the Apple brand has inflicted. The new treatment of the issue is needed to determine.

the amount of damages that Samsung must pay Apple again

$ 450 million

Last year the jury that Samsung over 1 billion dollars in damages to pay because it infringed Apple’s designs and patents. Judge Lucy Koh suggested later that the jury in the calculation of $ 450 million of that amount had made mistakes. Apple’s lawyers claim that the company is entitled to $ 380 million of the disputed part, Samsung keeps it at 52 million dollars.

Samsung would now be partly infringement must admit to convince Apple too much money from a competitor claims. their jury During the hearing Friday Samsung lawyer held a tablet of the Korean make up and Schiller asked which product it was. The Apple manager replied: “From this distance, I could not say it looks like an iPad..”

‘critical Consumers’

According to Schiller, Samsung copying the iPhone and iPad Apple brand damage inflicted. This makes it difficult for Apple to become its innovative products and to attract new consumers to its ecosystem he claims. “Consumers are pulling our innovation and design skills into question in a way that they previously did not.”

Schiller also claimed that Samsung’s dominance on the Android market is caused by the company of others more copies than the rest of the Android manufacturers. It is expected that Samsung and Apple Tuesday give their closing statements in the case.

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