Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nokia Falls iPad Air in the first advertisement for Lumia 2520 - NU.nl

Photo: AFP

advertising for Nokia Lumia 2520 states that its first tablet is much better than the iPad Air.

In the video you can see that there are Macbook picks to work on a document. iPad Air-user That way the Finnish company insists that its own tablet is equipped with a keyboard.

Apple itself provides no keyboard with the iPad. There are variants of others available. At Nokia keyboard must also be purchased.


the battery of the Air also comes under advertising depleted faster than the Lumia 2520. However, the first reviews in U.S. media that the tablets have an almost equal battery life. However, the loose keyboard has its own battery which significantly prolongs the duration.

addition Lumia 2520 distinguishes itself with the ability to charge extra fast and calls Nokia availability of Microsoft Office as an advantage.

Microsoft placed the last months of regular videos showing the attacks and compares the iPad with Windows 8 tablets. Even Nokia, which will soon be taken over by Microsoft, so does not seem averse to a vicious video.

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