Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tablet is the favorite Christmas present -

Summary: If a technology enthusiast in the family, makes him this year’s most happy with a tablet


annual reader survey of our American colleagues CNet let there be no doubt. The tablet is hard at number one when it comes to the ideal Christmas gift.

No less than forty percent of surveyed more than eleven hundred lovers of technology and modern electronics is going to stop. tablet between the Christmas shopping That’s almost twice as much as any other device, as we learn from the survey.

23 percent of CNet readers – we assume mostly Americans – want to buy a smartphone, 20 percent a computer, 17 percent headphones and another 17 percent e-reader. The highest percentage, 42 percent would like to see a tablet under the Christmas tree.


average, a CNet reader almost $ 700 off on gifts for family and friends this year. That is the same as what the average American plans to spend. But the tech fanatic will be at least half of its electronics.

Nearly nine out of ten people will buy at least one gift in a shop, the fear to make purchases online, they see not at all. More than half of respondents admitted while at the same time wanting to indulge in a nice device.


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