Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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Apple has not only the smartphone line with an update to the iPhone and iPhone 5c 5s, but also the iPad line has a new variant: the iPad. Air


Lighter, thinner, anything is changed on the iPad. This model is clearly inspired by the iPad Mini. The edges of the screen have become narrower, so that the tablet has become smaller. This also works the same technology as the iPad Mini: if you hold the iPad Air and a finger touches the screen so constant, the iPad Air does not register as an action. Convenient, because nothing is more frustrating than constantly adding topics to your Myat because you still tap a “follow topic’ icon.

Apple offers several models. First you have two colors: gray or silver space. Most importantly, the capacity differences, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB you can choose. It amazes me that there is the 16GB version. IPad shoots with contemporary apps that use the Retina capabilities soon full. Especially if you have music, photos and videos on your tablet goes up. The entry-level 32GB had best may be.

for the price

iPad Air

This also applies to the wonderful new technologies have on the iPhone to find 5s. TouchID? Do not sit on it. The new eight-megapixel camera with slow motion video and photo filtering? A burst of ten pictures per second? Nope, not at all. Too bad, because in addition to the much more pleasant handiness of this iPad Air had really can anymore. The strange thing is that the A7 chip in the iPhone 5s is to support these features it is in the iPad Air. But the hardware like the new camera or TouchID do not. The M7-chip or present again, so economical to use of the available power. For the Face Timers among us: which camera is adjusted so there is less light your face still see



Where I definitely cheer up is the better WiFi connection. In all previous iPads I had in bed, away from my router and another a concrete floor between distant evening, a bad connection. Or even none at all. The iPad Air are two antennas and MIMO support, making the reception has become much better. More importantly, the speed of the WiFi connection is doubled, at least, in theory. Up to 300Mbps is supported, though I have not yet met. Not that it really is: streaming video is fine


A bonus are the iWork apps that are free for buyers of the iPad Air. Pages, Keynote, Numbers, as well as GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto are free. These have been redesigned for iOS 7 and a clear improvement in terms of user-friendliness and features. Want to do the heavy work? The powerful A7 can, because AutoCad works like without problems and allows complex models without problems, rotate and render. Switching between them is quick. Realtime raytracing is not yet, but that’s certainly not something I expected.


iPad Air is a faster, more powerful, thinner, lighter and smaller device. Very nice improved connectivity and signal improvements, so you get more out of Wi-Fi. The departments of Apple apparently not cooperate in technology is a missed opportunity: TouchID, improved camera, you would almost think that they forget to stop in the iPad Air. The smallest model is recommended, the browser-only users who 16GB likely to appear already find a lot of space after. Nobody for more All other people put so full and then the great app gewissel begins. Have an iPad, then you should ask yourself whether you need immediately all that extra performance. Do not have a tablet and want to have one of the top models then the iPad Air worth considering, especially with all those not to use performance that is in it. It is a matter of time until there are apps that have it. Performance needed to go

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