Friday, November 29, 2013

Nearly half of Dutch households have tablet - All About Phones

Almost half of Dutch households have a tablet. Among families with children, more than 60 percent a tablet. 70 percent of households use a smartphone to access the Internet. According to new figures from the Central Statistical Office.

The new figures from Statistics Netherlands show that desktop computers losing ground to mobile devices. Shows that 95 percent of Dutch households have an Internet connection and most used tablets to make that connection. Use falls in the report CBS is not known exactly how popular tablets were in previous years.

The number of smartphones in Dutch households has increased over the past year. Currently, 70 percent of households have a smartphone, this is two and a half times as much as four years ago.

The CBS also has the popularity of tablets made known among the different households. Thus tablets most popular in households with two parents with children, it owns more than 60 percent a tablet. Tablets are the least popular among single households with people over the age of 45, this has a little more than 20 percent over a tablet.

Nearly half of Dutch households have tablet 3926g1

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