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20 great iPhone and iPad with iOS 7 games controller support -

7 iOS iPad iPhone game controllers Long awaited, still got. The iOS 7 Controller for iPhone and iPod touch is a fact now the MOGA Ace Power Controller from Wednesday in the online Apple Store can be ordered. This is a world of open iOS games that now a lot tighter to steer, with physical buttons and no fingers on the screen. And what a game! iCulture highlights the first batch of top games for iPhone and iPad that already support the iOS 7 controller now.


iOS 7 controllers are there?

At time of writing there are three iOS 7 controllers in the running.

  • MOGA Ace Power for iPhone and iPod touch with lightning jack, available Wednesday, November 20, 99 dollars
  • Logitech PowerShell, fitness, release and price unknown
  • Clamcase Game Case, fitness, release and price unknown

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne iPad header The most spectacular arcade racing game of 2013 has recently become free playable on iPhone and iPad and supports the iOS 7 controller as one of the first. In the racing game you dizzying pace of incredible circuits as a missile base and pull your opponents not only with boosts and other power-ups, but also take other routes and jumps right over your opponents back. . Many racing game for little money
Download: Asphalt 8: Airborne (free, universal, iPhone 4 +, iPad 2 +, 4 + iPod touch, iOS 5.0 +)

AVP: Evolution

GU DO ASF Evolution iPhone iPad action game AVP Evolution is alphabetical not only the first game in this list, but was also the first game that iOS offered 7 controller support. In the 3D action game, turn dark hallways horrorverschijniningen known as the Alien and Predator, especially soldiers to make life miserable. You can with a nice arsenal of moves by action buttons in succession to press in different orders. Cut for a controller so, so you not only gambling but also feel you press the right buttons
4.5 stars in Dutch App Store
Download:. AVP : Evolution (€ 0.89, universal, iOS 7.0 +)


iOS 7 controller games Bastion iPad shot An action game with great looks and a special way of telling. While opponents see come off in big waves at you and back late and-shoot, an old men’s team reports live from your pursuits. It is with the special, picturesque and cheerful character style which makes Bastion so special. It is a game that iOS 7 controller can use good because it is often precisely against the excesses of enemies and your thumbs or not in the picture have been a great thing.
4.5 stars in Dutch App Store
Download: Bastion (€ 4.49, universal, iPhone 4S +, iPad 2 +, 5 + iPod touch, iOS 5.1 +)


GU WO BOOM in the Waterfalls iPhone Is it a platform or a racing game? Boom is a bit of both. If green man in a band whiz and jump through levels consisting of vicious curves and cliffs where you as smoothly and quickly as possible to bounce. Do not forget to grab the coins and finish as fast as possible to win the opponents whose shadows also appear while you play. That intrigued multiplayer aspect makes a tree more fun game for in between
4.5 stars in Dutch App Store
Download:. Tree (free, universal, iOS 4.3 +)

Chasing Yello

iOS 7 controller games Chasing Yello Chasing Yello is a cheerful highscore game which was made for the touchscreen, but as one of the pioneers in the App Store already offers controller support. The idea is that you put a highscore by swimming, as far as possible while along, above or below goes through all kinds of obstacles. Collect stars, diving under wooden beams, stone dodge and take the appropriate divisions in fractions of seconds
4.5 stars in Dutch App Store
Download:. Chasing Yello (free, universal, iOS 4.3 +)

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 iPhone The best free 3D shooter in the App Store has been playing well with the touchscreen but works even better with the controller. The touch screen we recommend automatically shoot in the beautiful, but dark areas of the game. Many zombies The controller is finer itself to take control back and shoot with the right trigger manually. Save bullets! Dead Trigger 2 is a true free-to-play game that you download for free, but which you have to invest in order to survive. Zombie flurry possible It shoots feeling is delicious and the pictures are attractive and impressive
iCulture Game of the Week, 4.5 stars in Dutch App Store
Download:. Dead Trigger 2 ( free, universal, iOS 7.0 +)


iCulture Deals Lili iPhone In a unique 3D world you end up as a researcher Lili on an island where strange black shadows the cheerful moods of fellow islanders have stolen. Lili takes the noble task of the current shadows to chase and then attack … by making them jump on the back and then attack. Fights are special sessions where you spines from the backs of opponents draws while dodging bombs and other dangers gifplanten. Particular game with stunning looks
iCulture Game of the Week, 4 stars in Dutch App Store
Download:. Lili (€ 2.69, universal, iPhone 4 +, iPad 2 +, 4 + iPod touch, iOS 5.0 +)


GU VR Limbo iPhone One of the most impressive platform games of recent years and certainly the grimmest of all. In Limbo no upbeat music or coin collecting. The game is completely in black and white and you’re playing as silhouette while you go for the kill. Every environment back on your guard Bears terminals in the grass, rolling stones, spiders that chase you and brats who demonstratively have already hung up. Another corpse Limbo plays well with the touchscreen, but sometimes requires extreme precision and so is the controller support welcome.
ICulture Game of the Week, 4.5 stars in Dutch App Store
Download: Limbo (€ 4.49, universal, iOS 6.0 +)

Ocean Horn

Ocean Horn iPhone iPad iOS header ‘Game of the Year’ recall some App Store reviews already on the adventure Ocean Horn, which is clearly a tribute to The Legend of Zelda games from Nintendo. The game has a vibrant 3D world you view obliquely from above and let your various islands hurt you discovered avonturiert and fight with sword, shield, bow and arrow, bombs and magic. Ocean Horn is good for a story of more than ten hours, and the game gives you the freedom to play. Special is that Ocean Horn would handle the controller, easy more buttons, but holds on to the only two action buttons that you play on the touchscreen. It controls great, but that choice is on the controller peculiar
iCulture Game of the Week, 4.5 stars in Dutch App Store
Download:. Ocean Horn (€ 7.99, universal, iOS 5.0 +)

Walking Dead: The Game

GU DI Walking Dead with controller Through our declared the iPhone and iPad game of 2012 and now all with controller support. It’s a bit of a strange bird for a controller. Walking Dead: The Game is an adventure game with more emphasis on dialogue and search than on action. The game consists of several chapters you relive the adventures of a group of survivors from a zombie invasion. With menus you influence on dialogues and choices made by the characters. Which have direct impact on the game progress
iCulture Game of the Year 2012, 4 stars in Dutch App Store
Download:. Walking Dead: The Game (free, € 4.49 per additional chapter, iOS 4.3 +)

Another 10 favorites for iOS 7 controllers

  • Cro-Mag Rally (€ 3.59, universal, iOS 4.3 +) – This ‘Mario Kart’ in prehistory going for years in the App Store and offers controller also support online multiplayer. 3.5 stars in NL App Store.
  • Death Worm (€ 0.89, universal, iOS 4.3 +) – move underground as gigantic worm and then jump above the rest as much as possible havoc among mankind to inflict. 4 stars in NL App Store .
  • Into the Dead (free, universal, iOS 5.1 +) – Run as long as possible through a forest of zombies in this exciting highscore game. 4.5 stars in NL App Store.
  • Meltdown (€ 1.99, universal, iOS 5.0 +) – Tough viewed from above shooting game in which you alone or with others robots channeling in many different classes, challenging little ammunition. 3.5 stars in U.S. App Store.
  • Muffin Knight (€ 0.99, universal, iOS 4.3 +) – Highscore hakspel where you survive as long as possible against waves of enemies that run into the picture, including online multiplayer. 4.5 stars in NL App Store.
  • Neon Shadow (€ 1.79, universal, iOS 7.0 +) – Rock Hard 3D shooter reminiscent of Quake II, without in-app purchases but with online multiplayer besides the tricky single. 4 stars in U.S. App Store.
  • Soul Craft (free, universal, iPhone 4 +, iPad 2 +, 4 + iPod touch, iOS 5.0 +) – Fine-looking and free play with hakspel announced online collaboration mode.
  • Spiral Episode 1 (€ 4.49, universal, iPhone 4S +, iPad 2 +, 5 + iPod touch, iOS 6.0 +) – Narrative sci-fi game where chopping and defeating opponents with any depth with it. 4.5 stars in NL App Store.
  • Tennis in the Face (€ 2.99, universal, iOS 5.0 +) – With Angry Birds similar ‘tennis game’ in which your opponents with bouncing balls down shoots. Also good with touchscreen. 5 stars in NL App Store.
  • Trouserheart (€ 2.69, universal, iOS 5.0 +) – Chop and survive your way through funny, doused in cartoon style rooms. 4.5 stars in U.S. App Store

Disclaimer: we have not yet mentioned the games can actually test a controller. This list is sorted by acclaimed games that offer iOS 7 controller support.

Read more about iOS 7 in our case: iOS 7


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