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In the fingers, what can you which tablet? - Plus Online

A tablet is about an inch thick and has a screen of between 7 and 11 inch (1inch = 2.54cm). The front consists largely of a touch screen: a screen that lets you operate by touching the computer. You start a program by tapping. Sliding your finger on an icon

Typing is a virtual keyboard on the screen. In the edges connections for contact with other devices such as a PC and sit a battery charger. The buttons for operation, such as on and off, are located in the outskirts. Furthermore, one tablet a small microphone, a speaker and one or two cameras to take pictures and videos with it. Programs and files are stored on a built-in memory. Just like a PC tablet has a need. A control The choices are iOS (Apple), Android or Windows.


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first tablet, the iPad from Apple, was over three years ago a sensation. The competition was months behind making the iPad a time was the best selling tablet. There have appeared several types. The iPad 4 is the latest, but the iPad 2 is still for sale. The biggest difference between these two is the screen. The iPad 4 has a retina display with four times the pixel count is higher, which makes for very sharp display. Both have a photo and video camera with both front and back

But on the iPad 4 has a much higher resolution. 3.1 million pixels compared to the 0.7 million pixels of iPad 2. A maverick is the iPad mini, a smaller version with a screen size of 7.9 inches (about 20cm) and an image resolution of 1024×768. IPads are for sale with a memory of 16, 32 or 64 gigabytes (GB). 16GB for easy use like: send emails, surf the internet, play simple games and listen to music enough. Who wants to play demanding games or lots of pictures and videos will make better choose 32 or 64 GB. The iPad is in fact, not be extended with a separate memory card

Advantage Unlike other tablets,:. Sharp display (especially for the iPad 4)
Con: there can be no external memory card.


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Because it is used as the operating system on hundreds of tablets of all different brands, types and sizes has Android iPad on the sales market almost caught. They are available from € 100, while the cheapest iPad costs more than € 300. Cheap Android tablets do have their limitations: a smaller and less well screen, less memory space and are less likely. But there are plenty who can compete with an iPad as the famous SamSung Galaxy Tab fine. Because there are so many different tablet with Android for sale, it is difficult to compare them. With the iPad Most do not have retina display, although there are now also Android tablets with this high resolution image. They are, like the iPad, for sale in various sizes. At most, the memory can be expanded with a memory card. Useful if you want to make lots of pictures and videos

Plus:. Sale in every price range, type, brand and size
Con:. Ample supply by that difficult to compare


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third player on the Dutch market tablet runs Windows far behind. That is because for tablet Windows versions are: simple Windows RT, especially for mobile devices, and the new Windows 8. There are tablets from brands like Asus and Acer with Windows for sale. Although these are just as good as the more expensive tablets from Apple or Android, the choice is rather limited at the moment. And by the backlog relatively few apps available

Plus:. As good as more expensive Apple or Android
Con:. Few apps available



Digi Questions and Answers

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Fixed text in letter paste
I regularly write letters in Word. Under my name I always place my address, phone number and email address. It’s quite a hassle to constantly typing. In Is that easier?

For a letter you can use a template, a document whose format is fixed and in which all elements (such as text) are added. To create that:

  • Open a new Word file.
  • herein Enter the data you want to always mention, for example, your name and address. Also you can set the desired font.
  • Save the template. Click on File> Save .
  • top left of the window, click Microsoft Word> templates
  • Type below the window at file” ‘‘ a recognizable name for the template.
  • Click the bar behind ‘ Save as , “and then click Word template.
  • Click Save.

You have now created a template. Do you want to use it again, do the following:

  • Open Word.
  • Click file> new.
  • in the window right on my templates and then click the appropriate template.
  • Put a check mark for the Document.
  • Click OK.

The document opens and you can get to work as a regular Word document. If the save is stored as a new document, your template remains intact.

What’s that exclamation?

In my inbox of Outlook are the incoming e-mails. Sometimes there is a question mark next. What does this mean? A message sender may give additional priority. Outlook and most other mail programs has three priority levels: high, normal and low. When a high mark appears in the inbox, in normal state nothing and a low down arrow However, you do not have to act on such information and are not required a high priority message to read faster and faster to respond.

off messages on Facebook
I get a message on Facebook when people respond to what I have written, I find useful. But I also get meldigen of other games that people play. How do I turn that off?

  • Go to www.facebook.com and log in with your account.
  • above the image on the globe icon, you will see a list of all recent reports. Move the mouse over the message that you no longer want to see.
  • Right
  • a cross appears. Click on it.
  • click Disable.

class=”no_underl c43″> The main differences

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Who wants

especially mailing, surfing and reading books, doing a cost Android tablet a good buy. Want the utmost out of your tablet in picture and sound and comprehensive programs and games run, then you can opt for a more expensive iPad or Android. Close together little more, for both apps are available for every application and their retinas and similar screens have more pixels than the average HD TV

For the iPad, however, more extras such as docking stations. , speakers and gadgets for sale. An iPad also works well with other Apple devices. Android devices are expanding, for example with additional memory. Generally affordable and Windows 8 does little in terms of quality inferior to the big two, but the lack of choice possibilities in the field of software and hardware makes no attractive alternative. More information about tablets can be found at: www.kieskeurig.nl / tablet


favorite gadget of Peter Römer

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“I do not hang the old guy who still want a rotary phone, because a cell phone is very convenient. But I have something against the infatuation with gadgets. Is there a model that is one millimeter thinner, then everyone should have that again. That goes against the chest. I did it myself all have: an iPod, iPad, iPhone – and use them well. But I do not see them as an enrichment of my life. The easiest I find the TomTom, because I have no sense of direction by my dyslexia. What I often rondgetold in cities, looking for the address where I had to be.”

I write a lot, first by hand and later I put it on the iMac. A great convenience and the time you get a new sheet in the typewriter had to stop, for each correction is over. On my iPad are newspapers and cookbooks and because it is light, I take him on vacation. But I prefer to read a printed newspaper and a book with a cover. I’m attached to old-fashioned. Life is made much easier by those gadgets, but if I do not have them tomorrow, I live on. Equally cheerful I can always do with a piece of paper, a pencil or charcoal stick to work. “

Peter Römer (61) is an actor and (script) writer. Since October 7 he is commissioner Buitendam see Baantjer in a theater version of the popular TV series, see www.niehevanlambaarttheater.nl

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