Friday, November 22, 2013

Three apps that should not be missing on your iPad # 23 - Tablets Magazine

many available applications make the iPad of course the most. That’s why we bring you the weekly best, most interesting, best and most useful apps that absolutely must not be missed on your iPad. This week sales app, resume app and an app to improve your productivity.


You know the drill, you want to convert something into another format or another currency. Here are all obviously loose apps but there you obviously do not have to wait. Convertible can convert almost anything, in addition, the app also a beautiful appearance that is adapted for iOS 7. It takes a while to get the hang of all the features but once that you also update the super.

ipad convertible 600x350 Three apps that should not be missing on your iPad # 23

Convertible works with things like surfaces, but also with real-time foreign exchange rates. So you really need only to convert all your data an app. The app costs 0.89 euros in the App Store.

Resume Designer Pro

The name says it all, using this app you make a resume easy on your iPad. There are a few very nice and tight examples present that you simply can fill with your own data, but it is also possible to start with a white sheet and let your imagination. Like crazy

ipad resumedesignerpro 600x350 Three apps that should not be missing on your iPad # 23

When you have completed the way you want it you can simply export it as a. pdf file and send it to you (hopefully) future employer. Another useful feature is that there is a backup in iCloud is made, so you have on any iOS device, your resume with you. This app costs 5.59 euros in the App Store, but the developer stunt regularly with discounts.


Hipsters, who does not know them? Since the word has recently been added to the dictionary almost everyone knows what it is. They are usually people with a (too) large glasses that make selfie at the Starbucks. Now research has shown that a hipster is not at all bad, because with the sounds of a coffee shop in the background you seem to work.


ipad coffitivity 600x350 Three apps that should not be missing on your iPad # 23

Because we are only a select few Starbucksen in the Netherlands, you can use the app Coffitivity. This allows you to play your own music, but there are also some “disturbing” sounds through mixing. So you can still create the effect of a coffee shop. Although it is a nice app, is 1.79 euro might be something a lot. For that price is the app for sale in the App Store.

What apps do you use?

Do you have any apps that really should not be left on an iPad? I love to read about it in the comments, I’ll take them for next time.

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