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Recipe Maker 3.0 for iPhone and iPad: Import recipes from cooking magazines -

recipe maker Recipe Maker has been updated, so that the app now has an Cookbooks component. In these cookbooks are not crazy enough recipes from cookbooks, but several magazines, including the Allerhande, the Hello from the Jumbo and recipes cooking show The Taste. You can view and add it to your recipes. Also new: You can now search your saved recipes by category, such as “lunch” or “sauce and dressings”

Recipe Maker you. Create your own recipes, but also easy dishes 24Kitchen, Smulweb, Daily Cost and VTM cook import. Which you can then prepare from within the app and prepare. The cooking magazines can be found right in the main menu. If you have picked a leaf or recipe book you will see that you can sort by cooking time, alphabetically, and the date they were added. A list of recipes The latter two ways to categorize are new, but sorting by date seems to us, in the case of recipes that are not necessarily useful. From the same magazine When you open a recipe book are also the most recent recipes already at the top. To categorize your own recipes, this function can however be useful, especially if you have saved. Much

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cookbooks right corner you’ll find a search bar to search. recipes in this collection Once you tap on a recipe, see the top of the source, and then the ingredients and method of preparation. At the bottom of the black bar you can add a recipe to your recipe. This is actually not much different than if you get recipes from sites. After this update, the app would be following the developers from Web sites collect faster and load images in the background. The App Store description even claims that you do not have to wait. That is not entirely true. Sometimes it takes a load of pictures here, but it is not really disturbing. What is faster is to remove a prescription. Instead of tapping and then you delete a recipe from right to left sweep and edit on the cross button. Another small update: pictures are all displayed in the same format, so the recipe list neater appearance


Who Recipe Maker does not know: the app makes it interesting to collect recipes from other sites. The app is very well organized and offers many extras. Thus, the application its own dictionary for cooking techniques. You will also find information about vegetables and fruits of the season. It is all in all a useful application, but he is not as free as the price tag suggests. You save up to ten recipes in the app at no extra charge. For an in-app purchase of 1.79 euros you can save another 100 recipes. The in-app purchase of € 1.79 also opens the overview of cooking techniques and the seasonal calendar. Recipe Maker scored so far an average rating of 4 stars in the Dutch App Store. An alternative to Recipe Maker is also popular Paprika.

Download: Recipe Maker (free, iPhone, iOS 5.0 +)

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