Thursday, November 28, 2013

CBS: Netherlands exchanges PC Tablet - Emerce

Nearly half of all Dutch households now has a tablet computer, and it seems to take the desktop PC. place Large, fixed computers in home, work or hobby rooms disappear from our environment.
the number of PCs in the Netherlands fell last year by more than eighty percent to below seventy percent. However, the number of tablets increased slightly to nearly fifty percent.

New figures show how differently Netherlands go online than even two years ago. Small, portable computers and phones and tablets are the norm. Laptops have become the workhorses for the heavier, more complex computer work.

Tablets are mainly found in households with couples.

It is not only Dutch households where more and more tablets to be found. Shops and businesses are beginning to embrace for many functions ranging from cash to shop assistant to replace notepad with built-in cabinet or modern feedback form for customers and employees.

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Photo: Viking Photography (cc)

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