Thursday, November 28, 2013

CBS: fixed computer is losing ground on laptop, smartphone and tablet - Volkskrant

Edited by: editor – 11/28/13, 10:06 – Source: Editors, CBS

Nearly half of all households tablet

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Dutch consumers are increasingly using laptops, tablets and smartphones, and to the detriment of the use of desktop computers. This is evident from today data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).


of all Dutch households have 45 percent a tablet, 78 percent and 69 percent a laptop a desktop. In addition, 70 percent of households used at least one smartphone to gain Internet access. Owned 78 percent of households and laptop, five years ago, 83 percent and 28 percent a desktop a smartphone with internet access.

Tablet the Anno 2013 is the fourth tablet taken place when it comes to the use of devices to the Internet. Among families with children, the device is most popular (62 percent), while single-person households are least likely to have a tablet at home (23 percent). The younger couples without children has more than half a tablet.

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