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Cute Christmas apps for iPhone and iPad 2013 -

Santa Claus is looking for gifts iPC Red miter with a yellow cross, big white beard and his faithful dog Amigo. Every year is St. Nicholas good weather for countless happy children. Santa Claus is coming and that is iCulture naturally turn.

the occasion special and fun Christmas apps in a row The images of the apps you ever find below the text!

Sinterklaas Apps Club Sinterklaas Club Sinterklaas (€ 1.79, universal, iOS 5.1 +) – Perhaps the most popular Christmas app for iPhone and iPad consists of six parts. Test Piet lends itself to a counting and letter game, Coole Piet plays a game of Memory, there are two games of skill, there are coloring and finally you’ll find some songs and movies.

The Club of Sinterklaas iPad colors

The iPhone App Sinterklaas Sinterklaas App (free, iPhone, iOS 5.0 +) – The Christmas App is a fun verzamelapp. It has clips of all tracks of Sinterklaas 8 CDs and movies of all Christmas Songs with text in image. But you also have episodes of Sinterklaas journal, Club Sinterklaas, Did you know that all messages and you can look up rhyming words.

The App Sinterklaas did you know that iOS

Fleur Pluizemuis iPhone Fleur Pluizemuis (€ 1.79, iPad, iOS 6.0 +) – The second children’s book about the cheerful girl Fleur is half hung on Christmas, but also contains a story about a family way. Both stories you can read or have read, there are three Christmas songs to sing, there is a memory game to play and each page has interactive elements.

Fleur Pluizemuis Sinterklaas iPad app

Sinterklaas Apps iPad Small Klaas Small Klaas (€ 1.79, iPad) – Erik van der Hoff (including Block) reads 10 mini-stories of the childhood of Sinterklaas, the same series of Nickelodeon. A story takes about five minutes and then there are also two read stories of 15 pages. A craft pages where you make a miter and a video clip, the app completely.

Small Klaas iPad book reading

isint Sinterklaasliedjes iPhone isint – Christmas Songs (free, universal, iOS 5.1 +) – isint is the specialist in lyrics and although you there is no song in hear, you see clearly the text of the songs are in the picture. Conveniently, you can also search for specific words, so you can find out what number that one sentence also comes again. Worth alongside other apps to download.

isint Sinterklaasliedjes iPhone search

Sinterklaas Apps iPad Jop's Christmas Puzzles Jop’s Christmas Puzzles (€ 0.89, universal, iOS 5.1 +) – This app we previously discussed extensively It consists of jigsaw puzzles from 4, 9 or 16 pieces and has 24 different puzzles showing the brass, the steamer, figures of other apps from the Jop-stable and of course Santa Claus. One button toggles between play without an example or sample.

Sinterklaas Sinterklaas iPhone Jop's Puzzles

Sinterklaas apps Saint and Diego iPhone St. & Diego (free, universal, iOS 3.1.3 +) – The official game of the movie & St. Diego and the Magic Source of Myra put blame on a flying carpet. Yes! On the rug you dodge clouds and airplanes and be timed gifts fall into chimneys. If you get hit, you’re off. Furthermore, the app has a number of virtual coloring pages and you can lay puzzles.

Sinterklaas Sint iPhone and Diego

Sinterklaas Sint iPhone Apps Chef St. Chef (€ 2.99, universal , iOS 4.3 +) – The most elegant app for Sinterklaas Time is St. Chef, a beautiful application with all sorts associated with St. Nicholas recipes. Gingerbread cookies, gingerbread, carrot cake and apple turnovers in the form of miters are just a few of the recipes that come, all described and expanded with pictures.

St. Nicholas Chef Apps iPad

Sinterklaas iPad apps Magazine St. St. Magazine (free, sheet in-app € 4 , 49, iPad, iOS 5.1 +) – The fourth year, the fourth St. Magazine to you as an adult to get into the Christmas feeling. There are gift tips, suggestions for the big Christmas Eve and a lot of celebs who talk about their Christmas Feeling.

St. Magazine iPad

Sinterklaas Sint iPad apps s birthday Saint’s birthdays (€ 1, 79, iPad, iOS 5.1 +) – For his birthday treats the saint in this app on a whole collection of mini games for young children. Mazes, memory, find the differences, karaoke, beats, rhymes and read a few of the topics. And Sudoku. Course. The result of the component colors can be sent by e-mail.

Saint's birthdays iPad karaoke

Sinterklaas iPad apps Saint Sing Sing St. (€ 0.89, universal, iOS 4.3 +) – Finally a nice karaoke app on Sinterklaas for iPad and iPhone. While the piano is one of the fourteen Sinterklaasliedjes deployment, you can see the lines of text on the screen and there is a separate section for the rule now playing. The words are divided into compartments and a beam shows exactly how far you are.

Sinterklaas Sint iPhone Sing

Applications that we do not find attractive enough for a separate naming in this list, but additional functionality in the range mentioned above are:

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