Saturday, November 30, 2013

Introduction tablet and smartphone in the classroom is not fast enough - Tablets Magazine

We have almost two years of the coming of the tablet to the classroom, but the introduction of this leaves much to be desired. According to the chairman of the Secondary Education Council, Paul Rosenmöller, need to accelerate put here.

In an interview with De Volkskrant Rosenmöller lets you know that it is time for the tablet and smartphone as a learning tool to be set. Not just for reading digital books, but also a new way of teaching. Rosenmöller indicates that it is the added value of digital tools which teaching contemporary and interesting to young people.

Modern technology makes it possible for students at home to go through the curriculum and apply with assignments in class., with a coaching instructor, the substance The teacher does not have to run.

the same lesson in six classes

Linda Zeegers, spokesman for the Secondary Education Council, leaves in front of Nutech know that the introduction of the tablet in the classroom is much too slow. The main reason for this lies with the publishers of educational materials. According Zeegers They are left with the digitization because digital teaching materials are expensive and inflexible. Schools themselves running behind the facts, especially the high costs required for the digital devices like tablets with them. The budget of this school is too small and not fall digital books under the 6 percent tax rate making the switch immediately becomes a lot more expensive.

is currently the Secondary Education Council with publishers, booksellers, software developers and educators working on a plan for the introduction of the tablet and smartphone in the classroom needs to be accelerated. This plan should be presented next year.

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