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Tips for the Holidays: Five Accessories for your iPad - Tablets Magazine

The holidays are just around the corner and that means we are all going to hunt for nice gifts. Earlier we looked at the five best tablets for the holidays and five fun accessories for your Android tablet , but if you are looking for an accessory for your iPad as a gift for yourself or another, we also have some favorites for you.

Belkin Express Dock

There is a large number of docking programs available for the iPad, but the iPad with Lightning connector is not the offer is not very big. This is because the iPad can not support the connection, which is too weak. Belkin now has a very nice solution to this, the Express dock. This beautiful dock with aluminum appearance has built Lightning cable, so you put your iPad on it, it syncs and is charging.

ipad belkindock 600x350 Tips for the Holidays: Five Accessories for your iPad

Very handy with this dock is that it fits with your iPad case, there is room for it. The Express Dock Belkin include available at (online) Apple Store for 59.95 euros.

JBL Charge

The name says it all, the JBL Charge can charge your iPad while playing your music. With a powerful battery you can stream music or 12 hours of your iPad half charge. Super handy on vacation so. You just need to take. JBL and Charge Cable for iPad along The speaker looks tough and is available in several colors.

ipad jblcharge 600x300 Tips for the Holidays: Five Accessories for your iPad

Two 41mm drivers deliver a full 5 watts of sound you can certainly fill a room. along Similarly, in the lobby of the hotel a party! The JBL Charge costs 149 euros and include for sale.

Lightning to SD card reader

Everyone takes his camera on vacation. The only problem is that it’s full speed. If you do an iPad on hand, you do not have to buy extra SD cards only once a card reader for your iPad. This card reader works through Lightning and is suitable from the first generation iPad 3 and iPad Mini.

ipad lightningsd 600x250 Tips for the Holidays: Five Accessories for your iPad

Lightning to SD card reader from Apple costs 29.99 and is available from, among other (online) Apple Store . There is also a version with 30-pin dock connector available.

Belkin Wemo

To use this device, you have the Wemo app needed on your iPad or iPhone. With this app you have devices that are plugged into a Wemo on and off. Could Place an instance for each lamp in your room, you never have to bend down to get near the switch.

ipad belkinwemo 600x250 Tips for the Holidays: Five Accessories for your iPad

The disadvantage of such wireless switches is always that you should have on hand, your iPad that does not because there is also an on / off button on the Wemo. So people do not have to sit in the dark. IDevice without The Belkin Wemo’s cost 49.95 euros each and include available at the (online) Apple Store .

iRig Guitar

GarageBand on the iPad you can be fun to play on a guitar, but if you play guitar, you know it’s nothing compared to the real thing. Through the iRig, you can plug your guitar into your iPad. The iRig click into the 3.5mm jack on top of your iPad and plug in the gadget you back your (electric) guitar.

iPad iRig 600x350 Tips for the Holidays: Five Accessories for your iPad

So you can be quite simple recording or strengthen the different effects that are present. But the iRig is also useful in other applications with support for guitar input. The iRig costs 44.95 euros and can be purchased at include .

Accessory reviews

course this is only a small selection of accessories that you can purchase for your iPad but also read especially our accessory reviews by our experience with the latest products.

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