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The crisis of the iPad: Why do Brits less sex? - Volkskrant

By: Jeroen van Raalte – 11/26/13, 17:57

© Think stock. Britons aged between 16 and 44 years, on average, slightly less than five times per month sex.

A large survey study in England include revealed that Britons have less sex than ten years ago. The cause is unclear, but it is suggested that the economic crisis, a higher number of single people and the use of electronic equipment have contributed to the decline in sexual activity. Reported that the British newspaper The Guardian.

from the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, an inquiry into the sex life of Britons, shows that the number of times per month that Britons have sex, has fallen in the past decade. More than 15,000 men and women between the ages 16 and 74 gave insight into their sex life.
Britons aged between 16 and 44 years were in the period 2010 to 2012 an average of slightly less than five once a month sex. In the previous survey conducted in 2000 that average was 6.2 for men and 6.3 for women.

Theories the researchers have a few theories that the decrease explain possible. First, the decrease may be due to demographic change: a smaller proportion of the UK population is married or living together, where there is more opportunity for sex. But this development can not fully explain the decline, nor cohabiting couples have less sex than ten years ago

Another factor which the researchers call the economic crisis.. Higher unemployment can be a cause of less sex, says Professor Kaye Wellings, one of the leaders of the study. “According to the literature, there is a strong correlation between unemployment and low sexual activity,” says Wellings. “That’s because of low self-esteem.” That the economic crisis is the cause, based on speculation, gives Wellings far. But the suggestion reminds situation in Japan, where young people have less sex for years. According to some, it’s because of the economic hardship that Japan is facing the past twenty years.

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Electronic equipment the other fingers in Japan point to the obsession that young people have with electronic devices, gadgets and games. That would be in England may be the case, writes The Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland. People are becoming more intertwined with their equipment, even under the covers to it. This also confirms Wellings’ iPads and computers have now entered the bedroom. “

According to Freedland is the boundary between work and home is fading. People check their email or social media in bed and that leaves less time for intimacy. “They are too busy for sex.” The large presence and accessibility of pornography on the Internet, according to him have changed. Sexual behavior

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