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Diptic Video: create video collage on iPhone and iPad -

Diptic Video to iPhone iPad video collage Before any attic hobbyist iPhone apps for picture frames made, did Diptic it already The iPhone app from the summer of 2010 was one of the renowned names for applications in which you can merge in a list several pictures. Now it was time for the next step. Developer for Peak Systems Diptic video is exactly what you expect. You make video collages, consisting of several videos in a list.

Yes it can begin Diptic Video for iPhone and iPad in two ways. Whether you choose first the photos and videos you want to use, whether you first select the list and then there looking photos and videos in which you want it. You can cast up to four images in the list and the app determines where the images come to be. That is a trick, not a limitation. You need to type only two images at a time, and they alternate with each other in the list. Want to add additional images, then tap the top bar and pick them from your album. A drag gesture is enough to put on the list.

photo or video

Diptic Video has a total of 35 frames, which you simply blazing through scrolls at the bottom of the image. Unlike normal Diptic app for photos, so you do not have a separate page where you determine in advance the list and then go to work. With an option button three dots on the right top of the screen, you specify the shape, thickness and color of the edges. With separate buttons to quickly switch between white and black.

iPhone Video Diptic choose videos Diptic iPhone iOS settings

However, the best treatment option is your own creativity. Because you can move in the list, every photo and video you can, for example the same video cut up into different images. Film one hand, put him twice together and you’ve suddenly optical seven fingers instead of five – just to name a few. The app ensures that the videos are in sync.

video collages Diptic Video may last up to 15 seconds in length, and of course that does not come out of thin air. It is exactly the length videos on Instagram may be. In the options screen before you save a video list, you can also choose to stop after the shortest or longest clip, the video, you can specify that the videos have to move after another and imagine that they have to repeat. In addition, you may be a song from your music collection on your iPhone or iPad under it and decide how hard to push the music sounds and how hard the video sound. Only the implementation of slow motion on the iPhone 5s still missing though you do have an additional app as TruSloMo for.

Without prejudice

: Diptic Video has enough and fun options to make a video collage of the works but the app Diptics good again simple


Download: Diptic Video (€ 1.79 Universal iOS 7.0 +)

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