Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Now Google is now available for iPhone and iPad - Tablets Magazine

Google Now iOSGoogle Now now available for iPhone and iPad

There were several rumors but today Google has the personal assistant Google Now then added to the Search application for the iPhone and iPad. This allows also for iOS users to answer, simply ask schedule appointments and maps with interesting information appear to conjure.

Google Now: Siri competitor

Now Google can be compared with Siri, the personal assistant that can be on the iPhone and iPad. use Now Google is not integrated into the operating system but in the Google Search application. This is for example not possible to communicate with other apps like Apple’s memories application and the iOS notification system is not used to show. Important messages Now The appearance of the feature on the iPad and iPhone will be consistent with the look of the function within Android.

Google Now 2Google Now iOS now available for iPhone and iPad

voice commands, the user can retrieve this information available through Google. The idea behind Google Now is the software that you get to know more and more shows for you interesting information, favorite restaurants, scores of football and the crowds on the way home or work.

Answer to all your questions

Through Google Now you just like Siri answers to virtually get all your questions. This allows to perform calculations you can locate contacts, schedule an appointment (with Google Calendar) information about a known person to seek the traffic request and obtain information about the departure of the bus or train. Next, Google Now in most cases a spoken response and a map with detailed information on the topic.

Based on your location

When GPS function is Now Google serves up information for you without you having to ask here. So you see when you open the app when you are at work the crowds on the way back home. It indicates where the files are and how long it takes you to get home.


The new Google Search app is now available for download in the App Store. Check out our review of Google Now Android .

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