Sunday, April 21, 2013

Four years and iPad-addicted - Spitsnieuws

Ipads and children: a winning combination. In schools, many children work with the tablets and is also home to play. The normal course of business with an iPad But children can become addicted to the device is not known to many parents.

England is a 4 year old girl being treated for her serious iPad addiction. She was busy every day at least four hours with the thing and could not live without. Once they had not in her hands the iPad they responded stressed and she asked constantly to the device. That Daily Mail reports.

According to experts, there are far too many young children who can not do without their tablet or computer. One in seven parents in England late toddler even more than four hours a day playing with an electronic device. Far too many, say experts.

“Children are taught from birth to go to the Internet and they see that everyone around them is constantly iPads and smartphones. It would be wise to learn that it is not good for children to be there constantly doing “, says the psychologist parents of the addict girl.

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