Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Baby Talk helps deaf children talk with the iPad – iculture

For a company that earns billions of dollars phones, it’s nice to see that Apple sometimes can have a significant impact on social problems. Maybe you already knew that the iPhone and the iPad extensive accessibility features for people who have difficulty hearing or seeing. But also on the eye ‘normal’ functions is sometimes more than you think. Stanford University and Weingarten Children’s Center in California started with Baby Talk , a project in which children can attend a free consultation with a speech therapist, FaceTime on the iPad

baby talk

This is a great outcome. Suppose your child is deaf or hard of hearing born and received implants so he or she can hear better. The child should receive weekly speech therapy, so he or she can learn to deal with sounds and learn how to hear and speak. Weekly therapy can be a huge burden for the parents if you have to travel long to get to the therapist. Especially if the family is not wealthy. Baby Talk to three years thanks to a funding of $ 260,000 30 children at the same time offer free speech therapy .

Baby Talk sessions usually last an hour. Stanford incidentally chose to put on this program specifically with the iPad because FaceTime end-to-end has encryption. Thereby satisfying service to US privacy laws for the protection of personal healthcare. The first experiences show that Baby Talk has the advantage that the therapy can be done at the child’s home. Therefore, the child is more relaxed and the therapist will get a better picture of the development. There are also disadvantages: home children are easily distracted and it’s hard to keep them in a place


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