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Astropad makes the iPad a graphics tablet – iculture

Astropad is a drawing tablet, but you do not need to pay hundreds of dollars. All you need is an iPad, a stylus and associated apps for Mac and iOS. Astropad was created by two former Apple engineers, Matt Ronge and Giovanni Donelli, and cooperates with several pressure-sensitive pens. The result is a professional working graphics tablet for designers and other people who have a lot of sketches, illustrate, drawing and photo editing.


The tekenapp your iPad is immediately synchronized with your Mac. So you do not have to share more files via AirDrop or iCloud, how easy that at first sight works. Instead, you do one task on the iPad, then switch over to the Mac, and then back again. On the iPad, for example, do something with finger gestures, such as pinch and zoom. While you’re on a Mac easier working with the mouse. That ongoing collaboration between Mac and iPad is exactly also what Apple has in mind with Handoff . The idea is that it is immediately matched: each change is immediately reflected in the other device. Also handy: you have no Mac OS X Yosemite required. Mavericks works.

astropad functions

or use Astropad need two apps for Mac and iOS of course be active simultaneously. Drivers and other additional software is required. You even do not need to connect: once you start both apps on the Mac and the iPad, they lay automatically connect

Astropad uses a technology called Liquid.. This ensures that everything you see on the iPad immediately displayed on the Mac. This is done with a frame rate of 60fps, with automatic color and energy saving features. The latter in such an application may not be so urgently needed, because if you give the Mac is working on a design, you usually also an outlet or an iPad charger at hand. But there must also be signed at a coffee shop and of course the train.

The Astropad apps are not drawing and painting apps on it. They make use of widely used existing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Affinity, Pixelmator or iDraw. You can try 7 days, then you pay $ 49.99 and $ 19.99 as a regular user as a student

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iOS 8.0 or newer


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