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‘Game Addiction by iPad-school –

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25-3-15 – 08:09
An animation during a press conference about a Steve Jobs school © anp.

Her son is addicted to gaming on the iPad-school. ,, He was home angry and defiant as he could not online. “” Also, the curriculum did not penetrate to the boy, a mother who wishes to remain anonymous at De Telegraaf. She wants to warn of the negative side effects of the iPadscholen.

Eventually, he ran away from me because he totally freaked out when wifi is a time out was

Mother of a pupil of an iPad-school

The boy sat in first class, partly because of his addiction. ,, He eventually ran away from me because he totally freaked out when wifi there was a time out, ” said the mother against the newspaper.

The Open University, with funding from the Ministry investigate the effects of iPadscholen. In the Netherlands, there are 22 such schools in which the tablet is central. The emphasis is on creativity and collaboration among others.

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