Monday, March 30, 2015

Adobe Comp CC is a new iPad app for designers – iculture

Adobe has released a new iPad app called Adobe Comp CC released. With this app you can images, texts and shapes with a few finger movements and photo sites. It is mainly about creating compositions for ideas, for example if you want to create a poster, website or other project. The idea you can then send it to the desktop for further editing in Adobe InDesign CC, CC Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator CC.

adobe compaction cc

Last year showed developer Khoi Vinh the app for the first time at the annual Adobe Max conference. The app was called layup and was aimed at designers. Now the app is officially released under the new name Adobe CC Comp. To use it you need a Creative Cloud subscription. A free subscription is also sufficient. Same developer fact spent a few years earlier, the collage app Mixel , who also appeared on the iPad, but ultimately it was not such a great success

Projects you make in Comp CC beat you as a single file, but it is called the complete history processed. So there is no need to do about version control. The rewind function lets you show others how earlier compositions or layouts looked like. Over 100 free, high quality fonts are included with the app, so you can really make something beautiful. Indeed, it is the first app that comes with the full Typekit catalog.

It will be clear that this Adobe Comp CC app is not aimed at a wide audience. It involves designers, who use multiple apps on multiple devices and a quick something like designs. In the app you will find an interface that works with finger gestures. There is an endless timeline, you can use various Typekit fonts and import to your heart photos. The goal was to create a true native tablet app, not so much to put on a desktop app for the iPad. The app automatically saves everything, so the chances are minimal that you lose something. In the video below a stylus is used, but that is not strictly necessary. Originally, the app is designed to operate with your fingers.

The shapes that you draw are also worthwhile. Simple forms like circles and rectangles can naturally draw, but rectangles with rounded corners and polygonal figures. With each option hears another finger gesture.

Adobe Comp CC


iOS 7.1 or later


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