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Declaration 2014 tax return on iPhone and iPad – iculture

declaration in 2014 ipad wide Last year it was a trial, but as of this year, anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Android device do mobile declaration. That is, if you meet the conditions of the new app Declaration 2014. The app is after a week already risen to the top of the rankings. Yet not all hosanna with this app.

Tax Filing do with 2014

Nice to know, that the app is not for everyone. The App Store description is a long list of exceptions. Did not you all year same tax partner, you have bought or sold a home, you had a company, you lived abroad or want to give up deductions, such as gifts, study and care costs, then the app is not appropriate. You can Declaration 2014 not use if you are dealing with other living or living conditions.

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Declaration 2014: also in owner-occupied

But you’re someone who needs to fill much the same every year, then Declaration 2014 is all you need. After completing your DigiD retrieves all the data in the app. You check the data and everything is correct, you can immediately sign the declaration and send. Crucial tip: you can not edit data in the app. So you need to check carefully whether the default input values ​​(which are compiled based on your previous declarations) still beating. This year for the first time possible to use the app if you own a property. You MUST be in the same apartment for rent throughout the year 2014 and you should do just that year were not moved. Do you by which you have to pay tax in box 3, the app can not be used. It sounds very limited, but there will be plenty of people who continue to live for years with the same partner in the same house and do not need to stabbing so much trouble in the declaration. To prevent others from your tax return can browse, you must choose a PIN code for the app.

Yet some irritation

Of course it is nice that you now with the iPad on your lap tax return can do. But the first users of noises make it clear that the app is not working quite right. This weekend the overloaded servers Tax, making the app not working properly. There are people who have problems while several years have the same tax partner. However, the app accepts the declaration. Log in with DigiD is perceived as user friendly, as part of the login page is too small. Unfortunate, because it leads in the App Store soon to angry reactions that the ‘villains’ of the Tax our money had better be able to spend – on a working app

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How it works

If you want to do tax return and fulfill all conditions required to use the app, you must ensure that you have your DigiD and financial records from last year at hand. Then it works as follows:

  1. Install the app and tap Start Reporting
  2. Choose a 5-digit PIN to secure the return
  3. ..

  4. Get the data, based on the DigiD.
  5. You go through a few steps, you need to check only data. Have the declaration of 2013 and other important documents at hand, such as data on the mortgage and savings, you can therefore check that everything is correct.
  6. Is all agree, then you can put a digital signature.
  7. If all goes well and the app can connect to the servers, you are ready within 5 minutes.

Conclusion Declaration 2014

is really strange that the Tax seven years after the App Store was launched only able to release an app. They had the smartphone and tablet revolution can still see it coming and an app that you only need to check for a baked declaration was also been possible five years ago. In terms of features the app contains a lot of limitations and that is unfortunate, especially regarding the iPad. Because if people can already use iPads to do their full accounting, it should also be possible to fill in the full report thereon. As for us was the Tax well be more ambitious, especially because the audience is often quite critical of organizations’ only cost money, “as the police, army and Tax. Budget probably was not the biggest obstacle:)


  • User-friendly app, easy to understand.
  • Now also suitable for owner-occupied house.


  • Only suitable for standard situations.
  • App has some technical problems, including server problems and small login box.

Declaration 2014 download

Reporting 2014 to install on iPhone and iPad. You have this year to May 1, 2015 the time to file the return.

Declaration 2014




Declaration 2014


iOS 5.0 or later


iOS Universal


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