Thursday, March 19, 2015

The 5 best cooking apps for iPhone and iPad – Computer Total

If your iPhone but neat keeps away from flames and moisture, it is your best friend in the kitchen. Five fun apps for those who love cooking.

With these apps you can find recipes, get explanation note the preparation or messages for a dish.

1. 24 Kitchen

24 Kitchen is the station you are watching if you want to see cooking shows all day. The corresponding app Recipe of the day: 24 Kitchen gives you each day a different recipe that you can put the ingredients on a quick shopping list

24 Kitchen gives every day a suggestion for a recipe.

2. Recipe Maker

The free app get recipes from other apps, for example Allerhande and Jumbo. The power setting the iPhone is not in standby mode, and you can use a kitchen timer. The free version offers the ability to place ten recipes in your Favorites list.

3. Cate cooks

Carin Leenders de Vries serves up a variety of interesting dishes, but offers also explain the basics of cooking. Only suitable for the iPad, but very very nice app.

4. Smulweb 2.0

According to the authors, there are more than 350,000 recipes in the – app. That seems a bit much, but at least the amount of food divided into categories very impressive. You can also sort by explanations only videos.

5. Sara’s Cooking Lite

Who says a kookapp must be serious? Children with an app like to know what happens in the kitche before an app is on the table. Other great examples are


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