Friday, March 20, 2015

Cinder: cook at exactly the right temperature with iPad – iculture

Cinder Cooker Sensing Device Cooking is closely associated with timing. While preparing food, it is important to remain aware when the food is ready to be served. Be too short or too long baking or cooking can go at the expense of taste. That should be easier now anyway, thought the creators of the start-up Cinder. Therefore, they developed the Cinder Sensing Cooker . The cooking device ensures using your iPad for you carefree and at exactly the right temperature to cook meat, vegetables and other food.

Cinder was inspired by the Sensing Cooker technique is also used in space travel. The device consists of two aluminum non-stick plates, which can be closed. The plates are equipped with precision sensors, which can be determined exactly the right temperature. The more experienced cook temperature controller can be set by turning a knob, but there is also the possibility to use its iPad app. Would you put a steak medium-rare baking, find it in the app and the device sets itself to the correct time and temperature. The Cinder is connected to the iPad via a WiFi or Bluetooth connection. Once the steak is done, you will receive a notification on the iPad. Tuned continuously and precisely by the temperature in the Cinder keep the court can not burn and keeps the food ready to be served. In addition, there is the opportunity of using the device to roast the meat in a short time.

Cinder Sensing Cooker

Sensing Cooker is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 1800 watts. By design Cinder ensures that the heat flows can be optimally utilized and no heat is lost. As a result, both the center and the edges of the food in the right way heated. The device can be attained a temperature up to 290 degrees Celsius.

Sensing Cooker makes home-cooking combined with culinary food. The special algorithm virtual thermometer you do not in itself predict when the food is ready. The Sensing Cooker makes cooking so much easier. The device will be delivered expected in early 2016, but you can already place an order ahead through the website. The Sensing Cooker costs $ 499 and will be available initially only in the US. You can make a reservation for international shipping, and Cinder will keep you informed.


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