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The cheapest iPad model is currently available first-generation iPad Mini with 16GB of storage capacity, which you pay only 249 euros. A great deal, but you do not get a lot of storage. Other iPads have storage capacities starting with only 16GB. The problem, moreover, has been playing longer: in 2012 schreef Martijn all about this problem with the question of whether Apple 16GB version does not need to sell.

16GB of storage is not enough for many. Sooner or later, the window reappears too little space is available, and you need to remove files from your iPad. After reading this article knows all about freeing your quick storage on your iPad

Free Storage:. Apps

We start with apps, for the simple reason that they are often the most space confiscate. Many apps, such as games, are very large files, and recently Apple has 2GB to 4GB maximum verhoogd.

Remove Apps

A list of all your apps can be found under Settings. By going to settings, then “use” to open and select ‘manage storage, “you find all your apps, sorted by size. Tapping on an app you get the option to remove the app completely from your iPad, including files in the app.

All about free storage space on your iPad apps

Remove Documents and data

If you remove the app rather not because your example still need the app, you can choose the documents and data in the app remove and so still even storage space. How much space they occupy you can see documents and data within the app by going to the storage management overview, and pressing an app. Unfortunately there is no easy way to get all these remove documents and data: you own the app, such as Pages or VLC, to open and select the files and manually delete

Free Storage:. Music

Music often takes too much space, what you will see in the storage management overview. You can delete individual songs to go back to the storage management list, and tap the music app. Then you get a list of all the artists to see. By pressing the upper right of change you can delete all songs and albums of an artist at one time. Remove Prefer not all songs by an artist, then tap the name of the artist and remove individual songs.

About free up storage space on your iPad music

Purchases hide

Have you ever bought music from the iTunes Store but want it now no longer have on your iPad, you can remove them by hiding them . Open iTunes on your computer, log in and go to purchase. Choose music, and move your mouse over music until an X appears. Click on it and the number is hidden and will not disappear from your iTunes purchases. A little let sync your iPad and the number will disappear from your iPad, but still retains the number when purchase.

To give a number again reopen iTunes and go to the iTunes Store, log and you choose Store, View Account and scroll you come down to your management, headed iTunes in the cloud. Click go to music and you can songs or albums again conjure up. From that moment they are downloaded again from iTunes (you do not pay again) and they take so again storage space.

Using iTunes Match

One last good option for freeing up space by using iTunes Match This service Apple will scan all the songs you have, and automatically installs a version of high quality, the reason that you can free up space with iTunes Match iCloud is the link:.. you numbers are available from the cloud, and you can then remove your iPad. Then you keep music library available, but you stream it from the cloud. iTunes Match costs € 24.99 per year.

About storage space on your iPad iTunes Match

Free Storage: Photos

If you like to make a few shots with your iPhone or iPad will your photo library soon filling, and decrease the available space on your iPad . Fortunately, with the advent of iOS 8 besides making a backup and then delete the files added an extra option to make space.

iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library is a new feature which is currently still being tested, and it is therefore still a beta version. However, I have noticed myself that the software works well and has no problems. iCloud Photo Library provides the ability to store a small size of all your photos on your iPad or iPhone, and when you need the full version you can download it from the cloud. This all works automatically, is free and saves a lot of space.

iCloud Photo Library To enable, go to “Settings”, choose to iCloud and then ‘Photos’. Turn iCloud Photo Library, and then choose “Optimize storage. Files on your iPhone or iPad now optimized, and the original version is stored in iCloud. It is important that you so enough iCloud storage space at your disposal.

About storage space on your iPad photos

Import on computer

If you’d rather not use iCloud Photo Library because it is still a beta version, you can also use the old way pictures remove, but still have available to you. For this purpose connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer, and then import all the photos and videos. For Mac users, iPhoto will open above, Windows users need to do it manually. Once all your photos stored on your computer you can delete all files. Keep in mind that since iOS 8 a folder “recently deleted” is. If you delete a picture it is still not right away, you also have to remove him from this folder, found in the photos app.

More Tips

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