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iOS 8.2 now available – iculture

iOS 8.2 Apple App Store Watch iOS 8.2 is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This plane after Apple’s big Spring Forward event which was promised that iOS 8.2 would be released today. With the iOS update the iPhone is fully prepared for the Apple later this year: iOS 8.2 adds the loose Watch app and let developers submit apps with support for Apple Watch

iOS 8.2 is available from the settings of iOS, via General & gt; Software Update . You can also install the update using iTunes. The update has just been released. Therefore, it may take a while until he appears at all. iOS 8.2 works on all iDevices that also support iOS 8

Apple Introduces iOS 8.2 Apple Watch app, which lets you operate the new watch on the iPhone.. Watch the Apple app also includes a special App Store, which includes apps that already the Apple support. Apple calls the update, the following changes:

New in this version is support for Apple Watch. Furthermore, the app improved Health, stability is increased and solved several problems.

Apple Watch Support

  • New Apple Watch app to connect the Apple Watch and synchronize with the iPhone and adjust its settings
  • New Activity app (visible after linking an Apple Watch) to view the Apple Watch condition data and training results
  • Available on the iPhone 5 and newer models

Improvements in the app Health

  • Adjustable measure of distance, body temperature, height, weight and blood sugar
  • Improved stability when processing large amounts of data
  • Ability to add work-out sessions from third-party apps and visualize
  • Fixed a problem adding a picture could prevent medical ID
  • Correction of units for vitamins and minerals
  • Fixed a problem where data in Health were not refreshed if the order of the data sources were modified
  • Fixed a problem which in some graphs the data values ​​were not visible
  • New privacy setting to track steps, distance and climbed stairs to turn off

Improved stability

  • The stability of email has increased
  • Flyover Maps has become more stable
  • Improved stability of Music
  • Improved reliability VoiceOver
  • Improved links with ‘Made for iPhone’ hearing devices

Fixed Issues

  • cards was not possible to navigate to some favorite locations
  • The last word in a quick reply message has not been corrected automatically
  • Restoring data from iCloud could possibly not be completed as iTunes Purchases were doubly present
  • Some music or playlists are not synced from iTunes to the Music app
  • Deleted audio books were sometimes present on the device
  • The sound of phone calls possibly was not the speakers in the car led to the use of Siri Eyes Free
  • When calling via Bluetooth was no sound until there was taken
  • The zone of activities Agenda was may be set to GMT
  • Some activities in meetings with custom repetition fell away in Exchange calendars
  • a certificate error an Exchange account behind a third-party gateway could not be configured
  • The notes of the organizer of an Exchange meeting were overwritten
  • Some activities in Agenda not automatically given the status “Busy” after accepting an invitation

A test version of iOS 8.2 had long been available to developers, who thus had the opportunity to watch apps. Apple developers invited Cupertino to their apps already testing an Apple Watch. Many apps are therefore likely to be soon in the App Store

iOS 8.2 is not the only iOS update that Apple is currently working on:. Rather there was a beta of iOS 8.3 made available, where Dutch language support for Siri added. In a video shows how Siri works in Dutch. A feature for Apple Watch an important role to play .

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