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BrydgeAir – Your iPad as a laptop – Computer Total

The BrydgeAir keyboard resembles no other iPad accessory that I have used before. With integrated speakers on the bottom of the backlit keyboard, with its 180 degree hinge, you feel iPad as a laptop. And that is exactly the point.

Brydge trying to differentiate themselves in a market with almost identical iPad-toetsenborden that provide the same functionality in the base. And after I last week with Brydge solution to the iPad Air worked two , I must say that I succeeded. Lees also: the 11 best loose keyboards for iPad

Familiar, yet different

Like virtually all iPad keyboards the Brydge has the standard. Mac keyboard layout. The keys are slightly smaller than those on the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover , and seem just to be deeply depressed, but offer less resistance. In my case, it took less resistance in the beginning that I typed letters accidentally while I just wanted to rest my fingers on the keys. However, after a few hours I was used to it and I was relatively error-free typing.

 _ 02 brydgeair_front_sg_d81304dc-84b7-41b3-b4bd-4b305c6e1174_1024x1024-100566210-large.jpg
The BrydgeAir is available in gold, silver and space gray.

Along the top of the keyboard is a row of shortcuts, including a Home key, lock, media, brightness and volume controls. Bottom left corner there is a hotkey to activate voice assistant Siri.

One of the keys activates the lighting of the keys, a feature that I appreciate. Backlit keys make it possible to use the keyboard in the dark without having to squint your eyes or you have to keep the backlit screen of the iPad closer to the keyboard in order to find a shortcut. I would like that there was an option to adjust the brightness of the backlight, rather than just an on / off option.

The BrydgeAir is made of aluminum instead of plastic. It feels solid, but solid material also translates into extra weight in your backpack. The BrydgeAir weighs about 520 grams. For comparison, the iPad Air weighs 435 grams, and Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover weighs 331 grams, about two-thirds of the weight of the BrydgeAir. For some people, this extra weight is a big problem.

This hinges

The BrydgeAir surprisingly holds your iPad securely in place by two hinges that have a silicone coating. You need to put quite some force to remove your iPad from the hinges. Moreover, there is virtually no play when you touch the screen, making the screen hardly bounces compared to other keyboards.

The hinges make different viewing angles, so this was the only iPad keyboard that I could comfortably working at a standing desk, a table, or sitting on the bench with the keyboard on my lap.

 _ 03 brydgeair_front-closed_sg_fcab1547-4bfe-4179-9541-60c8f8c4aa39_1024x1024-100566209-large.jpg
The hinges can rotate 180 degrees.

When the BrydgeAir is closed, ensuring two bumpers on the front corners of the keyboard sure your tablet is not the aluminum enclosure rest . Within two hours, use one of the pads let loose. It was on my desk, so I tried to put it back in the gutter, but a few hours later it was out again. This time I could not cushion retrieval, leaving a corner of my iPad unprotected had to rest on the housing.

So far, I have not able to detect scratches on my iPad, but I think that over time can be a problem. For what it’s worth, the other pad is still firmly and shows no signs of improper assembly (I’ve even tried to remove it by force, without success).

Speakers … in a keyboard ?

When using the BrydgeAir it surprised me how much the setup on a smaller MacBook Air seems -. and how much it seems sound, thanks to two small bluetooth speakers next to the hinges on the keyboard

After the initial pairing, you have the speaker button (next to the on / off button on the front of the keyboard) and hold for a few seconds to connect it with your tablet. Sounds a sound to indicate that the speakers and your iPad connected. To disconnect the speakers should keep pressed the same button until you hear a different sound. It can connect either the keyboard or speakers – separately – is a convenient way to extend the battery life of both devices

 _ brydgeair_main_sl_1024x1024-100566212 04-large.jpg
The speakers are fine and the key lighting is a relief.

Speaking of the battery, the battery life of my iPad was shortened when using only the keyboard (more than when you use an external keyboard). Normally I do to charge the tablet only once every two days again, but when testing the BrydgeAir I had to charge my iPad Air 2 every night.

The speakers are not great, but they are a much better than the iPad itself. You do in a noisy environment, in any case no longer hold your hand at the speaker of your iPhone.


The BrydgeAir brings more functionality to the iPad than other keyboards in this category. The speakers are good, but not great. The backlit keys are very nice, like the sturdy hinges and different viewing angles. The battery life is shorter when you simultaneously use the keyboard and the speakers, but that’s only natural.

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