Saturday, March 28, 2015

Colossus: tear through racing games with a steering wheel for iPad – iculture

Colossus racing wheel Do you really like racing games on your iPad? Then perhaps you’ll recognize that holding the iPad is uncomfortable after a while. To be able to steer you must continue to keep up the tablet during tilting your hands often and also block the speaker. The Kickstarter project Colossus therefore designed a racing wheel for the iPad to make it tear through various racing games more fun and easier

Colossus is designed for the iPad 2 and newer models with a 9.7-inch screen. You can hold the steering wheel or attached to a flat surface such as a table. This can be up to 5 inches thick. Through your iPad with silicone clips clicking the holder of the wheel you can start. The racing wheel ensures that the iPad is an automatic right so he bends only bet once you turn the wheel. In addition, the Colossus has comfortable handles, which are designed so that you can still get good with your thumbs on the screen of your iPad for example, to accelerate and brake. Via AirPlay Mirroring you can also use the wheel as a controller while you play the game on your TV

Kolos iPad Racing Wheel

You can use Colossus in both portrait and landscape mode. This also you change the racing wheel just one iPad stand for reading news or watching a movie. A special padding, you can also use the steering wheel with the iPad Air. This device is thicker making it like the other iPads fits into the container.

Colossus wants the steering wheel drop a realistic experience and bring the ‘real racing feel’ to the iPad. When the Kickstarter project to raise $ 100,000 knows the set the unit will go into production. Early decision makers the Colossus racing wheel order for $ 45. Then you will have to pay at least $ 50 to get a Goliath. Here come another 30 dollars to the shipping. Should the goal be achieved than the first racing wheels in December 2015 will be sent. You can still support the project until May 4th.


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