Thursday, January 28, 2016

Messaging Line Optimized for iPad – Tablets Magazine

The creators of the free to use messaging Line have optimized the iPhone version of the app for the iPad. The application includes fortunately still a lot of its features which you will find on the iPhone.

Line is messaging application on iOS provide an update, so iPad owners can now make good use of the messaging service. The new app includes many of the features that you find in the iPhone version, such as sending messages and making calls with one another, with or without video. However, it is still not possible to use Line Pay, you look up friends with their phone, buy themes and stickers or to call a landline number

For the attentive reader.: yes, there is already an iPad application of the service. But that is much less comprehensive than the new universal version. The two apps does not do the same. So you can not call the old version, with or without images. You can also use the old version only if you have already registered on the existing iPhone version (that has now updated). It is an unnecessarily confusing situation for the time being will not change, since both apps now in the App Store. However, the download link is the new version.


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