Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Apple iPad Pro Review – Many tablet for little people – Tweakers


The iPad Pro is considerably larger than previous iPads, and has a 12.9 inch -screen. It is therefore not a tablet in the conventional sense. In conjunction with the Apple Pencil it is convenient, for example, a tablet for designers. Furthermore, it is in combination with a separate keyboard to purchase a laptop potential substitute. He sure is not for everyone, since iOS has its limitations. However, this is a particularly powerful and beautiful tablet with many qualities, but also with a high price. Therefore the target group for our idea is somewhat limited.


  • Powerful A9X processor
  • Beautiful contrast screen
  • Bigger screen creates opportunities as multitasking
  • Four good dynamic speakers
  • Good accessories


  • Pricey, but also the accessories
  • narrowness iOS with laptop replacement
  • Excessive maximum brightness and color fidelity
  • Not always useful as a bank hang tablet


Tweakers says  7.5

Price to publication: € 1200, –

Available from: € 1,211.67
Tested version: Apple iPad WiFi + Cellular Pro 128GB Gold

With the iPad, Apple Pro enters a new territory inside. A huge and powerful tablet with 12.9 “simply provides a different user experience than any previous iPads and unlocks opportunities on a 10″ tablet at least be tricky. The format also brings with it limitations. What is it like to be in bed with this monster or hang on the couch? What and who wants Apple actually achieve with this giant?

The manufacturer is itself not very clear. Apple focuses on the iPad Pro is not specific to the business or consumer market. For Apple die hards is conceivable to use the iPad next to a MacBook Pro or Air and iPad mini, but for most people this will be overkill. At best, this iPad Pro replaces both devices and controls Apple’s new tablet and accessories people for their daily activities have enough to iOS, but want a big screen and performance comparable to or better than that of a laptop .

That is the approach of this review: the iPad Pro can serve as a tablet, the ‘traditional’ tablet use, and limitations we encounter compared to a MacBook? As crazy as it sounds, in theory, save this expensive tablet with keyboard accessory money if you normally use a MacBook or other laptop and an iPad and are willing eventually to replace both. The big question is whether you have enough in the apps ecosystem that offers iOS. In the next few pages we explain the iPad Pro on the rack, but we also try to give an idea of ​​the applications for which this giant is or is not convenient and thus for whom he is interesting.


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