Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Healthy eating begins with an iPad – Independent Website Tilburg University

A hamburger or still eating healthy salad? That sounds familiar to your ears. It turns out that at the counter, you are more likely to choose an unhealthy meal than if you do it via the iPad. That suggested Anne-Kathrin Klesse, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Tilburg University, stuck in her study of self-control.

The study called “The Effect of Preference Expression Modality on Self-Control” focuses on self-control. Klesse studied with two other researchers whether the dialing mode – verbally, in writing or via a mouse click -. It affects

Way of choosing
The subjects had in different locations always choose healthy (caloric) or unhealthy (calorie) food. The choice they made orally or by an act on. All of the studies showed that an oral choice often led to an unhealthy snack. When using the iPad won the healthier option. There was one exception: when it was ordered in a foreign language, the participants elected healthy over the unhealthy meal

The self study is one of Klesse. The initial studies focused on the effect of choice on the purchase method. In addition, more factors are involved than previously thought. The outcome of the study may have important consequences for companies that switch to online sales; Loyalty their choice behavior whatsoever in fact. Entrepreneurs can influence consumer choices. For example, a restaurant can the customer a healthier – and possibly more expensive – choice’s make when they pick up an order with the iPad


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