Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rumor: ‘Air iPad 3 gets four speakers and flash’ – iPhoned.nl

The rumors surrounding an alleged four-inch iPhone and the iPhone 7 move frequently around the web, but also on other Apple devices leaks sometimes something out. Thus there is more known about the iPad 3. Air

Air iPad 3 rumors

is expected to be the iPad 3 this year Air on the market and Apple would have taken inspiration from the iPad Pro . Should the Air would also get three four speakers for better sound. New is the flash that would come under the lens on the back, so that pictures can be better illuminated.

This was reported by the French website Nowhere Else based on a leaked drawing. Although the site does not guarantee the authenticity, the same source it had to be right in two of the three cases in the past.

More possible features

This is a simple drawing of the alleged new iPad, where you have four speakers – two above and two below – you can see clearly. Besides an extra circle top left where the camera lens is – probably so the flash, there is little to see. There is not much known about the Air iPad 3, but according to rumors, the tablet will not get 3D Touch support. More likely additions are faster or A9X A9 chip and an improved camera.

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In addition, Apple may choose an Oxide TFT display, which allows the color and brightness being improved. Also, the Air 3 take over more functions of the iPad Pro, for example, the technology allows the Pro battery savings when static images on the screen. The Air iPad 3 this year to be renewed, the last update dates from October 2014. When the iPad Air 2 was presented.

It is expected that Apple shows off his new iPad Air in March on a media event. During this event also Apple Watch updates expected and perhaps a 4-inch iPhone .

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