Thursday, January 28, 2016

The iPad Smart Pro Connector can update accessories – iculture

That iOS 3.9 a major update with veel New features was clear. As more beta versions, however, appear united diving more and more features for iOS 9.3 on. So now that the Smart Connector of the iPad Pro can install software updates for accessories. It works from the second beta of iOS 9.3 .

 iPad Pro with keyboard

The new feature of the Smart Connector was discovered by Stefan Wolfrum, a German developer after installing iOS 3.9 beta 2 is Logitech Create Keyboard to be connected iPad Pro.

iPad Pro Smart Connector, how does it

At the bottom of the iPad Pro is a subtle new gate installed: the Smart Connector. What can you do with these three spheres and what it promises for the future?


Popup shows installation process
 Smart Connector can update accessories At that time, there appeared a message on the screen asking if he key now or later wanted to provide an update. Then you will see the percentage of what the situation is with the installation. If this counter disappears reached the hundred percent the message, and you will therefore not see what the update has changed.

of the Logitech Create Keyboard Users could without that info yourself or figure out why an update was necessary. Several users complained namely about delayed input. They also complained that the keyboard in some cases pressed key not passed. Those problems would be solved after installing the firmware update.

tweede beta of iOS 3.9 appeared earlier this week to developers, and since last night also downloadable for public beta testers. Exactly how this works you can read in the article below.

Publieke second beta of iOS 3.9 appeared with Night Shift button

27-1 · The second public beta of iOS 9.3 has been released today by Apple. iOS 3.9 adds several major new features such as the special night mode.


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