Sunday, January 24, 2016

iTIP: iCloud Drive app to turn your iPhone or iPad – iCreate Magazine

Drive iCloud is Apple’s own online cloud service. It is thus possible to store all kinds of documents and edit them from your Mac, iPad, iPhone, Windows PC or via A bit like Dropbox, but convenient because the files are directly linked to programs such as Pages and Pixelmator

 iCloud Drive

Since iOS nine you have on your iPhone and iPad to access your files via iCloud Drive app. But this app is not built by default on your home screen. Also in the App Store do not you find this super handy app. Where do you get him from? You need to activate it through the settings. It works like this:

  1. Open the app settings
  2. Tap iCloud and then iCloud Drive ‘
  3. Turn the switch back.. “At the start screen in green.

The app will appear on one of your home screens of your iPhone or iPad. When you open the app, you have instant access to your documents and you can also edit them.

Laura Great Aarts

Purchased already in the last century, its first Mac and tapped it very much texts. Is today – and how could it be otherwise -. Webredacteur


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