Sunday, January 31, 2016

The three best new apps for your iPad # 131 – Tablets Magazine

The many available apps make the iPad of course the most. That’s why we bring you weekly the best, most interesting, best and most useful apps for your new iPad. Including an app that lets you movies can stream to your iPad from your MacBook.

Air Video HD

Do you have an iPad with only 16GB of storage memory, and you still want all movies in HD see on the tablet screen? Then Air Video HD for a few euros you greatest friend. This app lets you movies stored on your MacBook or iMac, stream it to your iPad. This works so well that the app currently with five stars is valued in iTunes. The limited space on the iPad with this app is no problem. Would you like with the iPad on the road without Macbook, it is possible to transfer a movie right to the iPad. Watch your movie on the Macbook and want to look further on the iPad, then the thread is picked up at the point where you stopped.

 Air Video HD

Air Video HD is to get 4.99 euros on the App Store.

The Divergent Series Fandom

Fans of the film series Divergent know it already: on March 18, the third film will premiere in theaters. Allegiant promises to be blood clots more than the other two films, Divergent and Insurgent together, and the main characters Tris and Four should do everything to save the encircled town where they have never been outside of evil that just comes from outside. Do you want to know everything about the upcoming film, the main characters and the actors, it’s a good idea to install the app The Divergent Series Fandom. You will not miss any news about this successful film series.


The Divergent Series Fandom is a free download from the App Store

3D Earth -. weatherForecastAjax.jsp and widget

Weather Amateurs will find this app amazing, but if you’re just interested in the movements in our atmosphere is wonderful to see this app. You will see a simulation of the globe with the flow again. You can zoom in cities and the local weather picture there get a detailed picture, including weather forecasts. The app allows temperatures, humidity, wind speed, air pressure and still see a world clock, and you can choose whether the app three hours or fifteen days to predict, and everything in between.

3D Earth - weatherForecastAjax.jsp and  widget

3D Earth – weatherForecastAjax.jsp and widget can be downloaded free from the App Store The app is temporarily free, you can to.. 4.99 euro also download a weather widget from the app.

What apps do you use?

Do you have any apps that should not be missed on an iPad? I like to read about in the reactions, then I take them for next time.


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