Friday, January 22, 2016

Comical card game Exploding Kittens now available on iPhone and iPad – iculture


In 2015 gave a simple card game with exploding cats for quite a stir on Kickstarter. Not only was the game Exploding Kittens who picked the most money in the history of the crowdfunding platform, it also had the highest number of individual “backers” who supported the project. The physical card game today the transition to iOS, though it is questionable whether it will rank equally.

Exploding Kittens ( link ) is a childishly simple card game, but can be surprisingly strategic when you know what you’re doing. In the game players take turns addressing cards from a pile, where one or two Exploding Kittens sit in hiding.


Exploding Kittens play together

Once someone pulls the card is he or she directly from the game, unless they cards which have the exploding cat can break down or be able to play on other players. This creates a frantic game in which you try to play a bomb constant.

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Experience shows that Exploding Kittens very fun to play with a few friends, and the iOS app will be no different. The game only supports online multiplayer, with up to five other people so you can play the game on iPhones and iPads that are in the same room. Exploding Kittens uses a mix between Bluetooth and WiFi, so you can connect without an active Internet connection of different devices.

Exclusive cards, free in-app purchases

The digital version of exploding Kittens has some exclusive cards versus the physical card game, and the whole design of the app is again heavily influenced by the comic drawings of The Oatmeal . Count on a lot so exaggerated dolls and figurines.


The game temporarily available for € 1.99, and also the in-app purchases (a pack with bonus cards and avatars) are temporary free. Please only or even aware that there is no online multiplayer is in Exploding Kittens, and you can not play the game by yourself against the computer.

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