Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Turn your iPad, an iMac with the Sand-holder – iculture

 iQunix Sand-holder. Would you like an iMac, but you lack of money no opportunity for this? If you are in possession of an iPad than you can with the Sand-holder in no time be transformed into a kind iMac. The iQunix Sand is a container for each iPad has the same shape as the base of an iMac.

The iQunix Sand has almost the same form as the base of an iMac, making the ipad under a good viewing angle can be secured. You have not confirmed your iPad with magnets or adhesive strip, but with a kind of small suction cups. In one square centimeter are nine attachment points, according to the manufacturer. By tilting, you can disconnect the iPad from the stand.

 Sand iQunix holder for the iPad.

You can tilt the holder itself, so you can get iPad somewhat flatter and lower places. This allows you for example, easier typing. If you now have no iPad, you can also use the default for your iPhone, already see that the size of the container a bit crazy out. Or the holder can have the iPad Pro’s weight and size, is not mentioned.

 iQunix Sand-standard alternative setting.

The iQunix Sand can be ordered from the creator of the website . The container costs $ 29.00, plus shipping. Transportation costs totaled $ 11.00, so you’re lost for delivery to the Netherlands totaling $ 40 (about € 37). You can pay only by credit card.

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