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iPad Pro review: awkward as tablet, limited as laptop replacement –

Keyboard there is the iPad Pro expensive than the cheapest MacBook that Apple sells. Is the mega tablet versatile enough to justify its high price? You read it in our iPad Pro review.

The test model for this review is provided by Cool Blue .


The iPad Pro, with its 12.9-inch screen, the largest tablet that Apple has ever released. The format is also getting used very early; Pro is a big blow larger than the iPad Air 2 (9.7 inches) and weighs 713 grams, which also is not exactly light. The iPad is meant more for productivity than its predecessors, although you still before the optional keyboard case (179 euro) have to buy. Without the iPad Pro accessory is little more than a larger iPad, despite the less powerful hardware offers distinctive functions than hoped.

 pro ipad review

Another interesting accessory – and so far exclusive to the iPad Pro – the 99 euro-dollar Apple Pencil. The stylus, which we were unable to include in this review, it is especially recommended for creatives. With the pen, you can make very precise sketches and drawings, in which you can just rest the palm of your hand on the screen. The touch screen of the iPad Pro has the advantage that you can push harder while drawing thicker lines. The functionality is similar to that of a (semi-) professional graphics tablet eg Wacom.

Screen and hardware

The iPad Pro is an impressive device, both in terms of (screen) format as hardware. The screen of the tablet is larger than that of many a laptop and looks sharp thanks to the Retina resolution of 2732 by 2048 pixels. Compared with the iPad Air 2 is the number of pixels per inch and are practically the same individual pixels indistinguishable. The screen quality of the iPad Pro also is phenomenal, especially when you watch 1440p videos in the YouTube app for example. The brightness, color and contrast are excellent, making the tablet a joy to use.

 pro ipad review

This is also thanks to the speakers, which Apple has built four there this time. In every corner there is finding one, and together they produce an impressively loud and clear sound. When watching movies or listening to music is not necessarily required to do in headphones, and that was in previous iPads different. The stereo speakers are one of the biggest pluses of the iPad Pro, and reportedly they also make their appearance in the nieuwe iPad Air .

The new speakers sound great

Despite the gorgeous display and the excellent speakers iPad Pro is not really suitable for home use on the bank. Be the tablet on your lap, although let rest with a pillow for support, but use one or two hands on the size and weight tricky. You want something with one hand on the screen, tap, then touching your other hand quickly fatigued. Use your iPad Pro with a stylus, then it can only be when the tablet is clamped or somewhere in the table. The format is simply impractical.

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Smart Keyboard

Just like the Surface Pro 4 Microsoft, the iPad Pro with an optional keyboard, the Smart Keyboard, which you connect to the tablet to him to transform into a compact laptop with iOS. And as we have come to expect from Apple, the accessory considerably to the price. The Smart Keyboard will cost 179 euros, making it more expensive than comparable keyboard cases that offer better protection in some cases. Once folded it only covers the front of the iPad.

 pro ipad review

The difference with third-party keyboards is that you Smart Keyboard not via bluetooth, but with the new Smart Connector to link the iPad Pro. This connection can be found on the side of the tablet and can carry both power and data. Because the Smart Keyboard is independent of bluetooth include battery and connection problems of the past. And that is particularly fine.

Smart Keyboard is expensive, but a nice touch

The keyboard itself features a built-in stand and five rows of keys. It’s almost a full QWERTY keyboard that is ticking as fast and enjoyable as the Magic Keyboard for Mac. Indeed, this entire review was tapped with the Smart Keyboard, and that did not last longer than usual. The accessory is admittedly expensive, but beautifully finished and a must for anyone who wants to be productive with the iPad Pro. Only a pad is missing, but you have basically not necessary because the touchscreen is within reach.

Specifications and performance

iOS is optimized even on less powerful hardware to run smoothly, but that does not mean Apple has done in this area concessions. The ipad Pro is the first tablet with 4GB of RAM and the faster LPDDR4 A9X is driven by a chip and a M9-coprocessor. By default there is 32GB onboard storage, although you can also go for the 128GB version for an additional cost of 180 euros. The most expensive iPad Pro is the 128GB model with 4G, which you no less than 1249 euros will have to pay.

 pro ipad review

The basic model has a suggested retail price of 919 euros, however, not cheap. For that amount you expect the best performance and the iPad Pro enables fortunately not disappoint. The tablet responds quickly to touch, effortless running the latest apps and heavy 3D games and multitask with Splitview goes smoothly. In practice, the tablet feels is not significantly faster or better than the iPad Air 2, which is mainly due to the limited supply optimized apps (more on that later). Unlike the Surface Pro Pro 4, the iPad can not run desktop software, so you get leaner app versions of your favorite desktop apps. The hardware or future-proof, but as yet the full potential of the tablet is not used.

Software, apps and battery life

Apple does on its own website that the iPad Pro and iOS are made for each other. That is only partly true. Of course the device thanks to the large screen is ideally suited for running two full applications side by side, but apart from the Apple apps and some third-party applications there are few that really take full advantage of the extra space. Popular applications such as Facebook, YouTube and Gmail are not optimized and therefore stretched eyes.

 pro ipad review

Want to work with photo and video editing then you’re on the slimmed app versions in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere. Apple has created a special section in the App Store with optimized apps for the iPad Pro, but the supply is quite limited. Although you can get started with Microsoft’s Office suite and various notes and to sign apps, but really big names in the field of productivity are missing.

Few apps really make the most of the big screen

iOS itself does not make the most of the iPad Pro. Multitasking is functioning fine, but otherwise the format is the same as the regular iPad (Air). And that’s not exactly a productivity machine. In conjunction with the keyboard to the iPad Pro is suitable for occasional tapping of a mail or Word document, but if you want than it is smarter to go for a MacBook or a convertible with Windows 10 anymore.

Compared to most laptops, the iPad Pro, however, the advantage of a long battery life, especially if you do not spend hours continuously used the device. The standby time is in light use, say, a week and a full (working) day hold the tablet with full ease. After about 9.5 hours of use is the end in sight, though you can use the save mode the battery life slightly stretching.

Conclusion iPad Pro Review

The iPad Pro is the largest, most powerful and most expensive tablet that Apple has made so far. It is a powerful device with some nice features, but also one with clear disadvantages. Because of the size and weight of the ipad Pro is not easy to handle and unsuitable to hold for a long time. The tablet is pleasant to use with the keyboard case, typing fine, but it is quite pricey. Even the keyboard is there but not the Pro productivity machine, which is due to the lack of optimized apps and iOS, which does not really make use of the extra screen space. For now, the iPad Pro is therefore between two stools; he is too big for home use and too limited as a replacement for your (business) laptop.


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