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The best cloud services for iPhone and iPad – iculture

 The cloud services icons.
Which cloud services for iPhone and iPad are the best? We looked at the different services and identify which are the best.

Today we store virtually anything in the cloud , with in other words: you have anytime, anywhere access to your favorite photos, documents and other files. For the iPhone, there are various services with their own apps. iculture selects the best apps for you

iCloud Drive:. built into iCloud

iCloud Drive Apple’s own iCloud long been a cloud storage service that functioned in the background. You could contacts, calendars, photos and videos and sync appinformatie between apps on the iPhone, iPad and Mac, but could never directly with your information. That changed with effect from iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. Apple gives apps access to iCloud Drive, a folder structure that you can see and manage what you have stored in iCloud. So you can access your cloud storage and management from apps on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows. ICloud can search and browse through the folders. For the stored photos you will refer to your Photos app in iOS and OS X Pictures

You will get for free. 5GB storage
More. space: 50GB for € 0.99 per month, 200GB for € 2.99 per month, 1TB for € 9.99 per month
also available at:. iPhone iPad, Mac, Windows, and through the browser. Since the release of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite
Privacy:. Apple store information on servers in the United States. Apple explains in a document that diagnostische loopholes “were needed to incorporate iCloud, but argues that documents and photos are good encrypted online <. / p>


iCloud, the online service Apple and always available from any iDevice. iCloud stores your music, photos, apps, movies, music, etc.


Dropbox: smart with other apps

Cloud storage apps iPhone Dropbox Dropbox has a nice app for iPhone and iPad. You will return all your files, which you can manage entirely within the app. In an instant you upload multiple photos and videos, if desired, automatically. Pictures have their own place and the favorite feature here frequently used files within reach and offline in the app. Are there any sensitive files on your Dropbox, you can protect these with a PIN for snoopers. Dropbox also has its own photo management app that works faster: Carousel . Dropbox enjoys an unbeatable good support from other apps: You can save files for example immediately dropbox from incredible apps. Need more storage than the free offer, you’ll come across an excellent price / quality ratio: for € 9.99 per month you get 1TB (1000GB) of storage

You get free.: 2GB of storage and 500MB extra for each person who creates an account with you, which can be up to 16GB
More space:. 1TB for € 9.99 per month also available at: Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, BlackBerry OS, and using the browser
Privacy:. Dropbox uses Amazon S3 storage services. Amazon is an American company that has been hosting including in the United States. Unfortunately, Dropbox known to go through the contents of your cloud storage to see whether you have the same files as other users. So do not file twice stand on Dropbox’s servers and saving the service space. That means that Dropbox can see it in your cloud storage.

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Google Drive. more inexpensive storage

Google Drive iOS menu Google Drive is another popular cloud storage service that is supported by many apps. The Google Drive app you can not only photos and videos upload and manage from your iPhone or iPad, but you may download separate apps documents and spreadsheets work together with others. Thanks to offline viewing, you can work without an Internet connection to your files. Also useful is the ability to quickly switch between accounts. So keep your business and private files easily separated. There is also a password capability. For photos, there is additionally a separate Google Photos app ( link ), which lets you automatically upload an unlimited number of photos. You can sort files in different folders handy to keep order. Google dropped the price war among cloud services started. It was the first to offer 1TB for a tenner a month

You will get for free. 15GB
More space:. 100GB for $ 1.99 per month, 1TB for $ 9.99 per month, 10TB for $ 99.99 per month, 20TB for $ 199.99 per month and 30TB for $ 299.99 per month.
also available at: Android, Windows, Mac, and via the browser
Privacy:. information that you lodges in Google Drive are stored on Google’s servers. Google stores data in different places in the world, including the Netherlands and the United States. Google’s privacy policy terms is disappointing. The service analyzes your information to serve up your targeted ads. It is the downside of the price tag.

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Tresorit:. good privacy

Tresorit folders iPhone Tresorit is a small player in the market of cloud storage services, but caused a furore with its combination of secure storage and a very usable app. Files that you upload to Tresorit are protected against any kind of watch of the service, or other malicious intent. The app works with ‘Trésors’ folders that you create and can synchronize with the desktop app. You can open files and upload the app, and also automatically upload photos and videos is possible. However, lacking a good overview of your photos in the app, and there is a file size limit of 500MB in the free version. It is the security that makes Tresorit deserves a recommendation. However, there are for the different subscriptions different rules. For the subscription of € 10 per month, you could use up to five devices with Tresorit

You will get for free.. 3GB
More space 100GB for € 10 per month for 1000GB € 20 per month per user for 2 to 4 users (€ 16 for 5 or more users)
also available at:. Android, Windows and Mac
Privacy:. The Swiss-Hungarian Tresorit privacy has made his business model. Your files are complete and heavily encrypted before they are sent to the server so that no one else but you can see what files you have stored. If you share files with other users, the keys of the two users are exchanged via a secure connection. Tresorit praises $ 50,000 for a hacker to crack the system and says 1000 hacker attacks declined successful. Servers are in the European Union. Note: If you forget your password, you can not reach your store

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OneDrive:. attractive by Office 365

Cloud online storage apps OneDrive  SkyDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is one of the most elegant apps on this list there are good options to select, and manage files. parts. in addition, you can view all files in a list or album view. you can see photos and videos automatically back up through OneDrive and indicate whether files must retain their original size, or reduced so that they occupy less space. The app integrates flawlessly with Microsoft Office 365 apps. If you use the Office for iPad app, you get unlimited moreover additional space. Great app.

This will get for free: New users get 5GB for free Existing users who have signed up for extra storage get 15GB
More space:.. 50GB . for € 2 per month also possible: unlimited storage with an Office 365 subscription for € 99.00 per year or € 10 per month
also available at:. Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, Android and your browser
Privacy:. information that you at OneDrive (Microsoft) lodges, can be saved in several countries, including the United States, where Microsoft is headquartered Microsoft can inspect the contents of your folders

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Box:. lots of free storage

Box Project If you’re looking for lots of free storage, you have to be with Box. by default you’ve 10GB of storage space available to you. With the app you can download files Manage (copy, move, delete), take pictures and videos, or choose from your library and upload it immediately. Conveniently, the Box app optimized views for Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents, you can go to taste customize. In the app you can see which other apps integration have built with Box. you can set a password and also customize additional security options. Decide for example if you want to remain logged in and want to store temporary data. a unique feature is that you can together make notes about files in shared folders. But the file size limit is a blemish. This is only 250MB, which means that series and movies from your computer to your iOS device transfer will not succeed. The long holiday is also a problem. The restriction shall not apply if you buy extra space at

You will get for free.. 10GB
More space: 100GB for € 8 per month
also available at:. Android, Windows, Mac, and via the browser
Privacy:. Your data is stored in the world in different countries. Where exactly is unclear, but in the privacy policy in any case indicate that data recorded in the United States and can be processed. Box understands the names of the files and folders that you upload.

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MEGA:. not convenient

Cloud Storage online mega store iPhone  iPad MEGA is the cloud storage service privacy warrior Kim Dotcom. The app is generous: you immediately get 50GB to go to work. Well, you have limited bandwidth and speed to be increased if you have a paid subscription. The Mega app has a feature that can automatically upload photos and you can set a password and even protect with Touch ID, but the good qualities cease. Especially with photos, the app bad. In the first tab you a photo does not show when you tap it, but you download it. Clumsy. The separate photo display is unfortunately a bit slow in a separate tab. At times shows that are not even home. That makes Mega a nice app to upload pictures for use on your computer, but less convenient to open with files or manage iPhone

You will get for free. 50GB (with limited upload and download speed)
More space:. 200GB for € 4.99 per month, 500GB for € 9.99 per month, 2TB for € 19.99 per month and 4TB for € 29.99 per month
also available at:. Android and Windows via the browser extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome
Privacy:. MEGA focuses on security. The data is stored encrypted and only you have password. Yet you are not completely secure: your folder structure and ownership of documents or transparent for the cloud storage service. Also, the encryption lighter than competitor Tresorit. Although MEGA registered in New Zealand, is not entirely clear whether the storage place here.

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Stack:. store huge amounts of data in the Netherlands

 Stack for iOS. Stack is a Dutch cloud service that offers huge amounts of storage. Stack is part of TransIP, a Dutch hosting party. Stack is also largely based on ownCloud, an open-source storage service that you can host on your own server. The apps Stack based entirely on ownCloud. As with the free subscription here 1TB (1000GB) of storage available to you and this can be expanded to 10TB. Stack provides WebDAV support and all your data is protected by 256-bit AES key. The service promises that there will never be cheated by your files and you can decide who you share your data. The service supports all file types and there is no limit to the file size. The paid subscriptions are even backed up. However, you must enter your complete address to subscribe to

You will get for free. 1TB
More space:. 2TB for € 10 per month for 10TB € 50 per month
also available at:. Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and via the browser
Privacy:. Stack has a strong focus on privacy. They promise that there is no analysis done of your files and that only you and the people you authorize have access to your data. Files are secure server-side encryption and not using end-to-end encryption. The encryption key is held by TransIP, but it is stored separately from the storage server. Personal information will not be sold to third parties

Jottacloud:. Norwegian budget airline

270 Best iPhone iPad Apps cloud Jottacloud  270 small Jottacloud said operating NSA-proof because the cloud service is run from Norway and not the United States. The desktop app for Mac and Windows, you can drag folders to be synchronized, but the iPhone and iPad app is the most comprehensive app to find your documents back. You have namely just missing a list view and sorting options. Because it is a small service, the app integrates poorly with other apps. However, you can automatically upload photos and videos from within the app. And, the prices are great

You will get for free.. 5GB
More space: Unlimited storage for € 7.50 per month
also available at:. Windows, Mac, Android and browser
Privacy:. Jottacloud operates from Norway, which makes it safer to peek NSA. About the quality of security is unfortunately not mention

Copy:. Good defensive player

Copy was a defensive player below the cloud services was relatively generous with giving away free cloud storage. As of May 1, 2016 the service of its cloud storage stops, so you have to bring something else to the files stored below. On the special page on the site of Copy read more about stopping.


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