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Review: Twelve South HoverBar 3 hangs iPad next to your iMac – iculture

 HoverBar for iPad attached to an iMac.
the iPad is a versatile device, you can use it on the couch in the office and in the kitchen, but you have no means.. always hands free to hold your iPad so you can use it easily. the HoverBar 3 for iPad is a flexible arm, so for example, you can mount to a desk or your iMac or Thunderbolt Display iPad. But this is really as convenient as it looks on paper?

HoverBar 3 for iPad puts you together

the HoverBar 3 for iPad comes in a square box, giving you the accessory itself must be put together. the good news of this HoverBar is that it works with almost all iPad models. The only models where the holder does not work with it, is the first iPad and the large iPad Pro, but in the case of the latter is that the weight and size is not so bad.

 the mounting clamp HoverBar for iPad.

in order to use the container, you must attach the flexible arm to the large heavy clamp. You have two options here: at a desk or at the base of an iMac or Thunderbolt Display. Attaching the arm is a matter of firmly tightening. To connect your iPad model good to the poor, are included several containers that are each suitable for different iPad formats. These clamps can easily attach to the arm so that your iPad can be securely mounted. However, it is regrettable that these terminals only work with an iPad without cover. So if you are using a full sleeve, you must remove it from the iPad. The Smart Cover gonna hang for the iPad 2, 3rd and 4th generation.

The attachment of the clamp to a desk or an iMac does take some more effort. It is important to clamp securely tighten using the supplied Allen key, otherwise it can happen that your iPad by the extra weight clatters to the ground. Good to know: do you want to confirm the HoverBar to a desk, keep in mind that the work surface of the desk can not be thicker than about 2.5 centimeters. Thicker counters do not work with the HoverBar.

 HoverBar for iPad at the table.

as a second screen for your iMac

We the HoverBar tested mainly as a second screen for an iMac . The arm is long enough to hang your iPad nicely next to the screen of a 27-inch iMac. However, you must bend the arm in the right position when you attach it to a 21.5-inch iMac; otherwise it is a lot of space between the screen of your iMac and iPad. It is really important that you tighten everything well and firmly, because the poor (especially with older and heavier iPad models) slowly may drop down.

If your iPad hangs once, then you can this example use to display an app. Remember the Twitter or Facebook app, so your iMac screen is free from this type of windows. However, the container is less efficient when you start using the iPad actually. As you tap the screen of your iPad and swipet, the iPad starts to wobble slightly. This movement continued in the iMac screen, all with a 21.5-inch version. This can sometimes be quite disturbing if you are at work on both your iPad and iMac.

 HoverBar for iPad connected to a Thunderbolt  Display.

also important: too iMac itself is a bit unstable. There is very little force is required to tilt your entire iMac because of the weight of the iPad. It is highly unlikely that you fall throughout the iMac in one direction, but it indicates that the equilibrium point is shifted considerably by the weight of your iPad.

HoverBar for iPad with Duet Display

There are several settings available to suit your iPad, so that everything runs smoothly. Yet you’ll notice some lag when using, especially on older models. Duet Display makes your Mac recognizes your iPad like a normal external display, allowing you to change the layout of your system preferences. Duet Display is therefore useful to show a fixed window of a Mac app on your iPad and not to run full Mac work.


Duet Display: iPhone or iPad as a second monitor without delay Mac

6-1-2015 · Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to use as a second screen? Duet Display doing it without you suffer from delays. How does that work exactly? iculture tested the app.


But there is more in the packaging. Besides the bracket to mount, there is also a holder at so you can put your iPad as a photo frame your iPad on a desk or iMac. You use the same terminal as the bendable arm, but confirms it adopt separate container here. You can then place your iPad in both landscape and portrait view. This separate holder is a nice extra, but you probably will not use very often.

 HoverBar for iPad with holder as a picture  frame.

Conclusion Twelve South HoverBar 3 for iPad

the HoverBar for the iPad is in itself a great accessory. Thanks HoverBar hang your iPad nicely next to the large screen of an iMac or Thunderbolt Display, so you can use your iPad as a second monitor. The whole is easy to attach and assemble and once you’ve installed it, you do not go to further to look. It is preferred to attach the HoverBar to a desktop, because the attachment to the iMac is still more unstable. Touching your iPad screen you see vibrations back on your iMac screen, which is undesirable when working.

The price of the HoverBar is on the high side. In online Apple Store takes the HoverBar € 99.95, while you can make ordinary iPad cases that show up are your appliance use. If you work a lot behind an iMac and want to have your iPad at the perfect height, the HoverBar may have a value.


  • Place your iPad on good height next to your iMac
  • Easy to attach and iMac desktop
  • Works with almost all iPad models


  • Anything too unstable to hang on an iMac, especially with heavier iPad models
  • High price for what it is
  • Works only without cover (except the Smart Cover)

Twelve South HoverBar 3 for buy iPad

Be the Twelve South HoverBar 3 for iPad include ordering via the Apple Store (€ 99.95) .


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