Friday, February 19, 2016

Apple A9 SOC for iPhone 5SE, A9X for iPad Air 3 – TechTastic

The 5SE iPhone and iPad Air 3 are all probability announced on March 15 and that automatically means that the rumor mill also is running again at full speed. In we have heard it necessary in recent months about the alleged specifications of the 4-inch iPhone 5SE, however, there was still some confusion on the unit’s processor. The generally well-informed Bloomberg publish in an article on Apple’s Johny Srouji quietly end the speculation.

According to Bloomberg, the iPhone is 5SE namely powered by the Apple A9 SOC, currently only under the hood of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is available. The iPad 3 will air against Apple A9X-soc which was first used for the powerful 12.3-inch iPad Pro . The performance of both devices we need not have worried anyway, because both the iPhone 6s as the iPad Pro is currently the fastest mobile devices that you can buy.

Earlier rumors about the iPhone 5SE , then known as the iPhone 6c, suggested that Apple would like to use his older A8 sOC, but the choice now seems to have fallen on the considerably faster A9. It is still unclear whether the device also features 2GB of memory . The iPad Air 3, there was doubt between the A9 and A9X because the tablet is therefore possible more attractive in comparison with the more expensive iPad Pro. Possible has made the disappointing sales of the iPad the iPad Air 3 is equipped with the most powerful hardware available today.

The article by Bloomberg also confirms that Apple in mid-March has indeed planned an event where these devices be announced. Both products were according to a recent rumor even as early as March 18 for sale. The iPhone 5SE is the first 4-inch iPhone since the advent of the iPhone 6 in 2014 and a mixture must be between the design of the iPhone 5 / 5s and iPhone 6 / 6s. For iPad Air 3 we expect that some features of the iPad Pro are taken, such as the four speakers, a Smart Connector for accessories and an LED flash for the camera on the back.

In the Netherlands stylish iPhone 5s still for sale, The cheapest 16GB version currently costs 445 euros Coolblue . The iPad Air 2 is now available at Cool Blue , Media Markt and .


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