Friday, February 5, 2016

Graphics card ‘new iPad’ – One More Thing

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Sem1996 7 hours ago #

I we new iPad, which is the last iPad for the iPad Air with Retina display, but lately it seems my iPad what to falter during graphic tasks. Is there an app that i can check the status of the GPU or the computer perhaps? Or do you know what’s going on might be? Mvg

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JoopJoopJoop 6 hours ago #

Apple calls all iPad’s new iPad, with it you do not specify which model you have.

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KarelWillem 6 hours ago #

No, only the iPad 3 works classified as ‘New iPad’.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

And otherwise:
Restore in iTunes and start again

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no_poo 6 hours ago #

That can not. IPad os little older so will occasionally falter. The status of your processor is “buy a new or learn to live with it.” Or recovery indeed him, the weather looks as though he’s new.

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JoopJoopJoop 3 hours ago #

@ Charles William

Is not what you say …

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Dennvdam 2 hours ago #

Only the iPad 3 was given the official title ‘The New iPad’, but is not the latest version for iPad Air – iPad 4 was still there between

On Topic: No app.. But indeed as described above = recover. My iPad 4 has sometimes cures. One of the age.

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wensink 1 hour ago #

Joop Joop Joop 1 hour ago #
Is not what you say …

Is it: iPad – iPad 2 – The New iPad – iPad with retina display – iPad Air – iPad Air 2

that the New iPad already had a retina display, I know, but these are the names that have been on the Apple website when iPads were on sale



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