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G DATA will release security app for iPhone and iPad – but is that really necessary? – iculture

 G DATA logo end of February, again: then find in Barcelona the famous telecom fair MWC place. there is little available for Apple-lovers, because most of the news about Samsung’s smartphones, HTC, Huawei and other manufacturers. Yet there is also find news of interest to iOS users. Our eyes fell on a press release from G DATA, which is planning to release a security app for iOS. Is the time ripe to protect your iPhone against malware, or is it so bad?

Low demand for antivirus for iOS

G DATA seems to see trafficking in the number of products Apple has sold: call them in the press release that Apple worldwide has sold about 290 million iPhones and iPads in 2015. That’s why they come with a security solution for these devices. What they do not mention, however, is why millions of users need a security app. Eerdere attempts to make antivirus software for iOS namely jammerlijk Failed there is te little demand for

iPhone-malware exists, but you have to look

14-6-2014 · malware for iPhone includes, but is not a threat yet. An investigation into iOS malware mainly yielded ancient malware for jail breakers on.


of course there be threats to the iPhone, but as we al 2014 wrote: you have to look good. The chance of becoming infected is also not very large. Most malware is focused today on Chinese users circumvent the App Store, apps downloaded from malicious websites and therefore need to jailbreak their device, allowing to bypass Apple’s security easier by malicious. Also on the Mac is the amount of malware so limited that you actually geen antivirus need . If the emergence of new problems ( as currently by Sparkle ) you can read early on and you can protect yourself by not being naive

Zo update the antivirus software built into Mac OS X

How does the anti-malware software on your Mac? What dangers you are and are not protected? In this guide we look at the built-in antivirus software in OS X.


the solution G DATA focuses on people who click on links easily. The software protects you from phishing and malicious sites, so you do not reveal your personal information sends to criminals. To use you must use the integrated browser in Mobile G DATA Internet Security. “The connection with the Cloud ensures that users always benefit from the most current state of security”, writes G DATA. That they probably mean that the software regularly retrieves new malware definitions. But that is not there

Find My iPhone, but from G DATA

The app includes another option. Theft. It works the same as Find My iPhone , already standard on every iPhone and iPad is available. For people who want to protect themselves can have the utility double, but actually close you off a double insurance.

 G DATA Internet Security the theft protection can be via the G DATA Action Center, the location of your phone trace, just like you can do with iCloud. You can also set an alarm to locate a lost device even if the device is stationary. If the device falls into the wrong hands, you will be notified if swapped the SIM card. However, one feature missing from G DATA and that is the option to erase your device remotely. That is Apple’s own solution, though.

G DATA Internet Security Mobile for iOS coming in the first half of 2016 is available through the App Store. The full version has 30 days to test for free. Do you want to continue using all the features, you pay € 15.95 per year. Nice idea, but we fear that there are few people who will plunk down money for this extra (and partially redundant) protection.


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