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So you make nicer pictures on your iPad – Computer Total

The camera of the iPad is less good than the latest iPhone, but it is certainly good enough to make it (on vacation) photos to share online, for example. In this course we teach you how to take better pictures. So do not just point and shoot, but just that extra mile. Lees Also: You edit photos free are you doing with these 20 photographs shows

Camera app for iPad

If you want to take pictures with your iPad, then you can well use the standard app that Apple puts on the device: Camera. This app gets with each iOS-update some more opportunities. On the right you set the mode. You choose here for video or photo. You can also create square photos which Apple responds to the standard image size of the known app Instagram. Want to visualize your surroundings, you can also easily create a panoramic image.

During shooting, you can zoom in by moving two fingers apart. We should put a comment on here: it’s digital zoom. It’s like a cutout of your entire photo, so with fewer pixels and therefore a lower quality.
Above the shutter button, you see a timer which determines whether the photo should be taken immediately, or only after 3 or 10 seconds. Also, you will see HDR, more on that later. At the top you can still switch to the front camera to take a picture of yourself.

Like it nice to see a grid on the screen to help you compose your picture, go then the settings of your iPad, select Photos and Camera and turn the Camera slide behind a Grid to. You see this is not reflected in your photos.

FotografereniPad 01.png following Instagram you can choose a square format.

Other apps

Need more features than the standard app offers you, then there are alternative apps. Many highly rated camera apps for iOS are unfortunately only for the iPhone available; manifestly app makers have not really convinced of the iPad as a camera. Fortunately, there are good apps for the iPad.

The app Hydra you can create very detailed images, the app pulls out all the iPad camera and can even create photos of 20 megapixels. Moreover, you can zoom without loss of quality, and the app can also super good HDR-foto’s make. It works only with still lifes and preferably on a tripod.

Camera Awesome (the app shows the Camera! if he’s on your iPad) is a free app packed with useful features. So you see if you right keeps your camera (relative to the horizon), you can add various composition grids and you can choose from a (limited) number of filters.

Would you while making your photos really only add a filter, or create a collage? Camu is a simple and effective app for this, and for free.

 FotografereniPad 03.png a water pass into the picture and right filter while shooting? It may Camera Awesome


Score:. ****
Price € 4, 99
size : 11.6 MB

Camera Awesome

Rating: ****
Price : Free (+ in-app purchases)
size : 48.4 MB


Rating: ****
Price : Free (+ in-app purchases)
size : 21 6 MB


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