Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cases for first Montessori Hengelo required, and can watch the teacher – Tubantia

HENGELO – All incoming freshmen on the Montessori College will soon have required its own case with him. The teacher can soon see whether the students use the right apps.

the case is part and parcel of the classes at the Montessori College. The tablet replaces the book is not only used to process orders or exercises. The school is now considering a system in which the teacher maintains control over what the student is doing on the case, even if it is his or her own case.

Before the Apple Mobile Device Management System reflected that might also be applied to the Montessori College. With that MDM can the teacher “merge” the virtual classroom on the iPad, but also see which applications have open student. Unlike the apps that are needed for the class.

According to Kay Meulenbroek, ICT expert from the school, it is with that technique even possible that the teacher who can close apps. He stresses that it is absolutely not certain that the school is going to apply this system. “It’s a border. You’re asking students to purchase an iPad and then determines if the teacher what is done with it in class. We are a Montessori school, which means that we students should learn precisely to deal with this kind of temptation. “

For students who can not afford to buy their own cases, there is a settlement, says director John Schmitz. “Just as there is for school trips. It should not be a hindrance. “


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