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Ipad exhibits update, but there is not. – One More Thing

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sedikit 8 hours ago #

Since IPad 9.3.1 update my TomTom W Europe, remains on the iPad App Store / Updates on the blue icon, are the red button, indicating that there would be an update. But an update shows up anywhere.
I have synchronized several times, reset the iPad, but in vain.
How can I remove that warning?
My Thank you!

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Shmoo 8 hours ago #

Do you not much that happens sometimes .. all apps stop by swiping up and you restart iPad when it is still not clear, you can even log out and try the App Store.

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sedikit 7 hours ago #

Thanks Shmoo. I’ll try your advice. Otherwise, the solution to me to delete the TomTom W Europe from both the iMac and the iPad, and then via the App Store TomTom W Europe reinstall. But the Tomtom W Europe is no longer present in the Dutch App Store. I was referred to the US App Store. But I have to pay again! Have just put this issue to Tomtom. I just wait!

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GoeieDag 7 hours ago #

I do not understand your question; your indicates an unfinished update, which explains still the badge with the ’1′?

It syncs him you say, so I assume with a Mac / iTunes. Then you can discard the iPad TT, and again from iTunes on the Mac put him again on iPad.
You can additionally update the TT app first run in iTunes, and him again on the convert iPad.

The TT W.Europa app no ​​longer exists ( read ), but should still be downloaded by you are from the App Store if you look beneath purchases.

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vuurvreter 6 hours ago #

I had of the week on the iPhone as well.
FF wait until there is a new update of one of the apps, update, and then the message is clear.

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sedikit 5 hours ago #

Goeidag, Thanks! I have already done what you advised now. The TT is in “unfinished updates” but does not “open” “work with”, but. I suspect that the TT in iTunes on one or another way is “unfinished”.
And the TT indicates that deleting (for now) the problem that, when downloading it again, in the Dutch App Store, by being led to the American App Store, but then I have to buy the TT again. And I verticals. I presented the problem to DETT support. I just wait (it is a “beauty” problem DreTT do it from here.)
Still remains to me one more question. I can TT in Finder / Music / iTunes / iTunes Media / Mobile Applications / W .Europe 1.22.ipa exchange with an earlier version of Time Machine? And then another to perform the update?

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Night [Moderator] 4 hours ago #

do not think so convenient; not only the card is updated, but the entire app as well. If you are going to manually replace individual parts is a good chance that the updater does not “see”.

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sedikit 3 hours ago #

Thanks Night! I’m just waiting for the TT response.

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jackybe67 2 hours ago #

Can make it that you are running a beta of iOS?

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sedikit 2 hours ago #

Nope. I turn “just” the official iOS 9.3.1.

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SunKeeper 1 hour ago #

Only 9.3 is currently in beta status.
The latest official version is 9.2.1. You mean it?

TomTom recent years but lax. Much needed updates on eg. A new iOS version are still is not ready as soon as the version is officially released. While (were iOS9) more than it was half a year in beta, users who suddenly had nothing updated iOS could be more with the app.

TomTom software for an optional navigation system is also buggy and takes centuries before it is properly updated to a new OS X version.

For me, they have undermined it. There are sufficiently improved, and, in particular, cheaper alternatives. If your customers in the cold, let alone walk away.

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sedikit 1 hour ago


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